Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new editor, what can I do to help?
Check out our Community Portal for idea on what you can do. Are you a good photographer? Check out our image stub categories.
I don't know how to edit an article, how does it work?
To edit an article, you must first be logged in. All you have to do is click the $ "Edit $  $ this $  $ page" $ link at the top of an article to start editing.
If you're still confused, please read the FFXIclopedia:Editing Guide.
I created an account and I am logged in, but I still can't edit. What do I do?
You need a valid e-mail address confirmed in order to edit the wiki. Please check the e-mail you specified when creating your account and follow the link there.
The title of an article is incorrectly named. How do I fix this?
In order to move an article on the FFXIclopedia, you must place a {{move}} template at the top of the page. So if you wanted to rename Page A to Page B, you'd place {{move|Page B}} at the top of the Page A article by editing it. Follow the link on the template to the discussion page and state why it should be moved. Afterwards please let an administrator move it to retain the editing history, manually moving pages by copying and pasting loses everyones contributions.
I think an article or image should be deleted from the wiki, what should I do?
Pleae read the FFXIclopedia:Guide to Deletion and use the {{Delete}} or {{SDelete}} templates appropriately.
How do I sign my name on talk pages?
Simply add --~~~~ to the end of the line, or use the second button from the right on the toolbar to append a signature with your username and a timestamp. These only go on talk/discussion pages, they don't belong in articles or images, and will be removed.
When should I make an edit a minor edit?
You should check the minor edit box when you correct spelling or grammar, make any changes to your userpage or subpages, or when adding very minor formatting details to an article.
I made a new article or uploaded a new image, but it's gone. What happened?
One of three things could have happened.
  1. The page didn't conform to naming conventions and it was moved by an administrator to the correct location to conform to naming conventions which states articles must be named as they appear in your inventory. You can check the move log to find out where it was moved to.
  2. The page violated our prohibited articles clause and was deleted by an administrator. In cases like these, if you think it was in error, contact an administrator and ask for more details. Please do not recreate the page unnecessarily.
  3. The image violated our image policy to the point where it was grounds for speedy deletion. Please reference this policy and feel free to reupload according to those guidelines.
Another user has put profanity, advertisements, or other inappropriate content into an article, what do I do?
Report this user to one of the FFXIclopedia administrators, and if the content is vandalism or spam, you can remove it from the article. If they are putting abusive comments or libelous/personal information in edit summaries, this can be removed at the discretion of the administration.
Another user is harrassing me or interfering with my contributions, what can I do to make him stop?
Report this user to one of the FFXIclopedia administrators; this is inappropriate behavior and he will either be warned or banned, depending on the severity of the offense as judged by the administrator. Please do not reciprocate this behavior, as that only complicates things and puts you at fault as well.
I do not wish to see any advertising while browsing the wiki, how to I get rid of them?
While advertising is needed by Wikia to maintain free hosting, it is possible to not view the ads by logging in. Logged in users do not see advertising except on the Main Page.
Likewise, if you are logged in and wish to view advertisements, you may visit your account preferences page click on the Skin tab, and check the box that says $ ''Show $  $ all $  $ advertisements'' $ then save your settings.
There is a glitch, bug, or otherwise non-working or technical issue when I try to load a page.
If the problem occurs on a specific page, use the Report a problem button found at the bottom of the page. Be as specific as possible and include any errors messages given. Please include a valid e-mail address and screenshots of what you're seeing. Please note that abuse of the system is not acceptable. If the issue is incorrect content, feel free to try and correct the information yourself. We encourage our anonymous viewers to create accounts and help contribute in anyway they can.
There is an advertisement that is either inappropriate or interfering with the page's formatting.
Please see here for information reporting inappropriate advertising, this includes gil selling and RMT ads, they are unacceptable here at FFXIclopedia. If an ad is breaking a pages formatting, please use the Report a problem link as described above and submit a valid e-mail and screenshots in your report.
On a Category page, I click on the (Next 200), but it just brings me back to the beginning of the A's. Why isn't it working?
This can happen if you are not logged in. Log in and try again.
This can happen if you browser hasn't cleared it's cache. Add "$ ?action=purge $" to the end of your URL to clear the cache, then try again.
After uploading a new image, the image page is still showing an old image, what happened?
Try hitting your browser's Refresh button, this should make it load the new image. If that doesn't work, try bypassing your browsers cache by hitting $ CTRL - SHIFT - R $.
I don't like the current skin, how can I change it?
If you are logged out, you will need to login or create an account and set your skin preferences to one of your choosing and uncheck the box that says $ ''See $  $ custom $  $ wikis'' $. Please note that those skins listed under "Old skins" may cause article or page content to display incorrectly.

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