Requirements:   Level 60 or higher; Rossweisse's feather, Grimgerde's feather, Siegrune's feather
   (only one boss per run)
  Andhrimnir (Corse)
  Ariri Samariri (Poroggo)
  Balrahn (Soulflayer)
  Hrungnir (Golem)
  Mokkuralfi (Flan)
  Tanngrisnir (Dahak)
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Key Item: Helmwige's feather
  1440 Ampoules of Therion Ichor


  Armoury Crate:   Corse Robe (Andhrimnir) (???%)
  Corse Bracelet x2 (Andhrimnir) (???%)
  Flan Meat x3 (Mokkuralfi) (???%)
  Golem Shard x2 (Hrungnir) (???%)
  Mythril Ore (Hrungnir) (???%)
  Poroggo Hat x3 (Ariri Samariri) (???%)
  Soulflayer Tentacle (Balrahn) (???%)
  Soulflayer Staff (Balrahn) (???%)
  Soulflayer Robe (Balrahn) (???%)
  Angelstone (???%)
  Gold Ingot (???%)
  Platinum Ingot (???%)
  Imperial Wootz Ingot (???%)
  Scintillant Ingot (???%)
  Adaman Ingot (???%)
  Abjurations:   Earthen Abjuration: Hands (???%)
  Hadean Abjuration: Head (???%)
  Neptunal Abjuration: Legs (???%)
  Hadean Abjuration: Hands (???%)
  Aquarian Abjuration: Feet (???%)
  Wyrmal Abjuration: Head (???%)
  Martial Abjuration: Legs (???%)
  Phantasmal Abjuration: Head (???%)

Monsters Found Here


  • Monsters of the same grouping link as they would outside of Einherjar.
  • Up to 2 types of monsters will be up upon entry into this specific wing. After those two families have been killed another family and the boss will spawn.
  • There is a total of up to 3 waves and 1 boss during each reservation.

Normal Monsters
Name Family
Corrupt EinherjarTauri
Craven EinherjarBhoot
Einherjar BreiSlimes
Einherjar EaterWorms
Flames of MuspelheimClusters
Hazhalm BatGiant Bats
Hazhalm BatsBat Trios
Hazhalm LeechLeeches
Odin's FoolImps
Rotting HuskarlDraugar Dark Knights
SjokrakjenSea Monks
Utgarth BatGiant Bats
Utgarth BatsBat Trios
Utgarth LeechLeeches
Special Monsters
Name Family

Huginn, Muninn, Heithrun or Saehrimnir will not be immediately seen. They will pop as you progress through the chamber's monsters. Muninn and Saehrimnir will leave behind a message stating "the chamber's stagnant aura has somewhat cleared" if defeated or left to depop respectively.

  • Huginn may leave behind an Armoury Crate containing various consumable items upon defeat.
  • Muninn may weaken the enemies upon defeat.Exclamation A message stating "the creatures lurking in the shadows have calmed" will be received.
  • Heithrun is the rarest of the four and will double the items in treasure chest after defeating boss.
  • Saehrimnir may strengthen the enemies if left to despawn.Exclamation A message stating "the creatures lurking in the shadows have become restless" will be received.

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