HPdown icon.GIF Helix Spells are harmful status effects that deal damage over time. Unlike other DoT effects such as Bio, Dia, Poison, and Elemental Debuffs, the damage ticks over time from Helix spells are equal to its initial damage, with 10 seconds between each tick of damage. Helix damage is greatly affected by weather. Weather and day bonuses and penalties will always be in effect for Helix spells (e.g. Cryohelix will always receive a 10% bonus to damage in ice weather or on Iceday and always receive a 10% penalty in fire weather or on Firesday).

  • The Accuracy of Helix spells depends on caster's Elemental Magic skills
  • Damage ratio is based on INT and Magic Attack Bonus and Enemy's INT
  • Dark Arts will grant a bonus to the effect and duration of Helix spells
  • Duration scales with user's level. At level 75, helixes last 2.5 minutes, or 15 ticks.Verification Needed

How to remove the effect

How the effect is inflicted