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#REDIRECT [[Hecate's Earring]]
[[File:Hecate Earring.png]]
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'''Hecate Earring''' {{Rare}}{{Exclusive}}<br>
'''<nowiki>[</nowiki>[[:category:earrings|Ear]]<nowiki>]</nowiki> All Races'''<br>
'''"[[Magic Attack Bonus|Magic Atk. Bonus]]"''' +6<br>'''[[Magic Critical Hit Rate]] +3% <br>
'''Lv.''' 90 '''[[All Jobs]]'''<br><br>
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==Other Uses==
{{Resale Price|None}}
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==Synthesis Recipes==
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==Used in Recipes==
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==Desynthesis Recipe==
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==Obtained From Desynthesis==
==How to Obtain==
===Dropped From===
:{|width="60%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"
|- style="background:#ffdead"
!width="35%"| Name
!width="15%"| Level
!width="60%"| Zone
|- style="background:#ffd9d9"
| '''[[Rani]] ([[NM]])'''
| [[Abyssea - Altepa]]

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