Start NPC Ropunono - Windurst Waters (F-7)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 5
Items Needed Ahriman Lens
Rusty Key
Title Granted Night Sky Navigator
Repeatable No
Reward 4,800 Gil


NOTE: Although both required items have the Exclusive tag, they can be delivered between characters on the same account using the Delivery Box, as long as those characters are on the same Content ID .

  • When you talk to Ropunono, on the roof of the Optistery, you discover that the telescope lens is going bad, and she needs to fix it.
  • So you head out to find her an Ahriman Lens first. Since this is an Exclusive item, you need to go farm it yourself. They drop from Ahriman in:
  • Once you have the Ahriman Lens, go back to Windurst Waters and trade it to Ropunono.
  • Now head to the Maze of Shakhrami to fight the Wights and get a Rusty Key. This is a Rare / Exclusive item that also may take a while to get.
  • Wights are found mostly in the deeper parts of the Maze. Specifically, if you go to the second map and walk through the point marked "G", you will eventually come into a room filled with Wights.
  • Once you get the Rusty Key you want to head over to the area in the upper right corner of J-9 on this map. You will find an "Iron Door" over here. Trade your Rusty Key to this door.
  • Once inside you'll find six chests (three of which will not open). The object is to find an authentic Shelling Piece in the chests which do open. It doesn't matter which chest you pick from, it just matters that you get a real Shelling Piece and not a fake.
The way to tell if the piece is real or fake is by seeing if the direction it says the Celestial Avatar is facing is the correct direction.
  • Alexander: North-East
  • Garuda: South-East
  • Ifrit: North-West
  • Leviathan: West
  • Odin: North
  • Ramuh: South-West
  • Shiva: East
  • Titan: South
Most of the pieces you'll pull will actually have the Avatar facing the wrong way. Just choose NOT to take that piece and open another chest or the same chest once again. Keep trying until you find a piece with the Avatar facing the right way. Take that Shelling Piece.

Game Description

Ropunono (Optistery roof, Windurst Waters)
The lenses of the Optistery's telescopes need replacing. It would help out the stargazers astronomically if you could focus on gathering the items they need to repair them.
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