Start NPC Elki - Bastok Mines (H-5)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Title Granted Pursuer of the Past
Repeatable No
Reward Sitabaki
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None The Eleventh's Hour

Palborough Pioneers Monument


  • Talk to Elki in the Bat's Lair Inn; his grandfather Omran is buried at a monument at the top of Zegham Hill in North Gustaberg. He gives you the key item Bouquet for the Pioneers to lay at the foot of the grave.
  • Follow the paths up to the top of Zegham Hill in North Gustaberg to find the monument at J-7. (The path starts on the south side at I-8. Look for a grassy spot with trees.)
  • Examine the Palborough Pioneers Monument to place the bouquet; you see the name of Elki's ancestor, Omran, and a partially readable name, Vig****t O**. This is the name of Vigilant Owl, which ties the quest The Eleventh's Hour to this one.
  • Talk to Elki again to complete the quest. He doesn't seem to recognize the partial name but he might if you get more information.

Game Description

Elki (Bat Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
Go to North Gustaberg and lay Elki's bouquet at the foot of the monument honoring the Palborough Pioneers.