Mission Name Headstone Pilgrimage
Number ZM5
Start NPC Grav'iton - Sacrificial Chamber
Level 60+
Title Granted Bearer of the Eight Prayers
Reward Key ItemFire Fragment
Key ItemEarth Fragment
Key ItemWater Fragment
Key ItemWind Fragment
Key ItemIce Fragment
Key ItemLightning Fragment
Key ItemLight Fragment
Repeatable No
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The Temple of Uggalepih Through the Quicksand Caves


A Cermet Headstone

  • If you're doing this for the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel prerequisite, you do not need to do the following and can now continue past The Cursed Temple. You do not need any further Zilart progress to finish Rhapsodies. Rise of the Zilart will not block Rhapsodies progress, so you can continue Zilart without worry.
  • After completing The Temple of Uggalepih, Grav'iton tells you that you need to collect eight different fragments from across Vana'diel.
    • The Key ItemDark Fragment was obtained from completion of the previous mission.
  • To obtain one, examine a headstone and choose to remove the fragment.
    • Only one fight is required per party/alliance requiring the key item.
    • It is a good idea to check your list of Temporary Key Items to ensure you have obtained the fragment.
  • Upon obtaining your final fragment, the mission is complete and you receive the message, "You now have all 8 fragments of light!"
  • See the Discussion page for Testimonials and Strategies.

No Battles

Key ItemWater Fragment

  • Travel to La Theine Plateau and enter the Ordelle's Caves through the canyon at (F-7).
    • Fastest way there is to warp directly into the caves via the Survival Guide.
  • Head east, then south to (I-6), which is the 2nd map on most atlas sites.
  • Onto Map 1, enter the tunnel leading to the south at (H-9).
  • Follow the path leading upwards and continue south-east, to the southeastern little room at (H-11)/(H-12) of Map 2 and drop down the hole.
    • As a reminder, you will pass one hole before reaching the one you want. Make sure you drop at (H-11)/(H-12).
    • Mobs here are not aggressive.
  • Now head east to (I-11) to yet another tunnel leading upwards to the map 3. Mobs here are aggressive,
  • Keep going until you reach (I-6), and head south until (H-9) and go west.
  • Wander to the end of the canyon to find the Cermet Headstone to extract the Key ItemWater Fragment.
    • NOTE: Alternatively, you can use the Geomagnetic Fount and run to the other end of the chasm.

Key ItemIce Fragment

Key ItemEarth Fragment

Battle Time

After defeating the monster(s) at a headstone, you have 15 minutes to collect your fragment, or you will have to respawn them.

Attempting to remove a fragment after the monsters have spawned but are still undefeated results in the message:
Don't you have something better to do right now?

Key ItemFire Fragment

Ifrit's Cauldron Map

If you want the Opo-opo Necklace, it can be obtained by trading a Garnet to this headstone AFTER defeating the NMs(optional).
  • This one involves navigating through Ifrit's Cauldron. Refer to the map on the right. And bring 3 or more Ice Clusters for Flame Spouts.
  • General method: Zone into Cauldron from the left Yhoator entrance, head shortly to tunnel K which is northwest after you enter, and then hug the left wall all the way through.
    • Essentially, once you enter Ifrit's Cauldron and arrive to (H-8), follow the left wall for the rest of the way until you exit to the jungle.
    • Everyone needs a form of Sneak and Invisible. Be aware that Bombs detect the use of magic in addition to sight.
    • Magic can be especially dangerous due to the fact that at some point, Flame Spouts block the way and they always have at least one Bomb nearby.
      • These spouts go down for a while occasionally, but they can be immediately settled by trading an Ice Cluster to them.
  • NOTE: You can take the Survival Guide which will put you right at (G-6) Yhoator Jungle entrance.
  • Enter Ifrit's Cauldron from Yhoator Jungle, at (G-6).
    • On the Map 4 - Venture to (H-8) to get to the Map 7.
    • On the Map 7 - Go to (D-12) to get to the Map 5.
    • On the Map 5 - Head to (J-8) to get to Map 2.
      • There will be a Flame Spout in the way at (H-6)/(H-7).
        • These will go down on their own within approximately 5 minutes (3 hours game time).
    • On the Map 2 - Go to (E-7) to get back to the Map 7.
    • On the Map 7 - Go to (G-7) to get to the Map 8.
    • On the Map 8 - Follow the tunnel all the way to (C-7), where you exit to that closed-off northeastern part of Yuhtunga Jungle.
      • There are two Flame Spouts on the way.
        • These will go down on their own within approximately 5 minutes (3 hours game time).
    • Be alert of the Ash Dragon near the end (before the last Flame Spout). It has a wide sight and sound detection range and uses Draw In. Time it right and you can walk into the tunnel without a problem when it is far enough from the entrance.
  • Now in Yuhtunga Jungle, go out the tunnel and turn left and then keep going straight to find the Cermet Headstone located at (L-7).
  • If you are traveling from the Cloister of Flames home point (not recommended: it's a long and useless detour, only to get you to the beginning of the Survival Guide route above): Head to the J exit on map 7 at G-3. Then take F exit on map 3 at E/F-11. Then take A exit on map 2 at K-7. Then take exit B on map 1 at F-8. Then take exit D on map 2 at G-11. From here travel the original route above.
  • If you use escape in Ifrit's Cauldren, you will be at the Yhoater Jungle Entrace at Ifrit's Cauldren (K-9) on Map 1.

Two Opo-Opos spawn upon examining the stone: Carthi and Tipha.

  • Both are immune to Sleep and Lullaby.
  • Gravity and Bind work, but it is worth noting that they easily lose interest if ventured too far from and if not aggravated soon enough, will regenerate HP quickly like any unclaimed monster not engaged on a player character.

Key ItemWind Fragment

The Flagellant's Rope can be obtained by trading a Rain Lily to this headstone.

Key ItemLightning Fragment

Key ItemLight Fragment

Characters that have completed the Zilart Mission 7 - The Chamber of Oracles, can obtain a Bat Earring from this headstone.
  • Travel to The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah and go to the hidden path at the SE corner of (J-9) and head north to the top-right side of (J-9).
  • Hug left and follow the uncharted path, leading towards north, to (I-7) to find the headstone.
  • The Doomed named Doomed Pilgrims spawns here when the stone is examined. It is generally regarded as the most difficult of the headstone fights. It hits hard and fast, so be careful. High evasion works well.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Somewhere on the island of Zepwell lie the remains of an ancient temple.