Start NPC Harith - Abyssea - Attohwa (G-10)
Requirements Reputation 2
Items Needed Miasmal Counteragent (Obtainable after receiving quest)
Repeatable No
Reward Key ItemMiasmal counteragent recipe
Key ItemJade abyssite of lenity
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Something in the Air None


  • Talk with Harith in the base camp to receive a Key ItemMiasmal counteragent recipe. Examine the key item to reveal the recipe for a Miasmal counteragent.
  • Synthesize the Miasmal Counteragent; it is Alchemy but can be made with zero skill. You must have received the key item for the synthesis to work.
  • Find one of the miasma clouds that block paths in the area, target it, and trade one Miasmal Counteragent- the miasma stream will dissipate and you can walk through it. Most on the mountain in the area are untargetable and can't be used.
    • IMPORTANT: You only need to trade one item. You receive no message upon trading the item, but as long as you lose one, the item worked and you are done.
  • Locations Miasma Clouds have been spotted.
  • The targeted name is "Dark Miasma"
    • (E-7)
    • (E-8)
    • (J-8)
    • (J-9) near the Taru Resistance Fighter on Parradamo Tor
    • (J-10)
    • (K-9) right next to Veridical Conflux #07
  • Return to Harith for your reward.
  • You can synthesize many Miasmal Counteragents to remove miasma that is blocking paths once you have flagged this quest.

Game Description

Harith (Base Camp, Abyssea - Attohwa)
An astute alchemist has concluded that the miasmas seeping up through fissures in the ground are contributing to the tainted air. Follow the recipe he entrusted to you to synthesize the counteragent, test it on a miasma, then report back with your findings.