Start NPC Baren-Moren - Windurst Waters South (H-7)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Items Needed KeyItemNew Model Hat
Repeatable No
Reward 50 - 400 Gil
Windshear Hat
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None A Feather in One's Cap



  • As of May 2012, the Windshear Hat is available for purchase at the Hat Shop from Orez-Ebrez even if you have not accepted/completed this quest.
  • Lure of the Wildcat (Windurst) takes precedence over this quest. If you receive a message about your KeyItemGreen Sentinel Badge flashing, talk to that NPC again to receive the message about the KeyItemNew Model Hat.
  • Nearly all NPCs in Windurst Waters work for this quest. A few, however, do not.
    • To save some time, do not talk to Synergy NPCs, Voidwatch-related NPCs, seasonal event NPCs, Rarab NPCs, or the Moblin NPC. Avoiding these NPCs leaves only a few that do not count for the quest.

Game Description

Baren-Moren (Hat Shop, South Windurst Waters)
Advertise Baren-Moren's latest creation by chatting with the local inhabitants of Windurst Waters. He'll pay you according to the number of townsfolk you speak to. But, you are not to leave Windurst Waters before completing the task.
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