Game Script

Hasten! In a Jam in Jeuno? - Upper Jeuno
Script Video
Moogle: Oh, Master, there you are!

Moogle: And not a moment too soon, kupo! This way, this way!

Moogle: Now, whatever could the trouble be? Let's take a look-see.

Moogle: A letter? How curious, kupo...

Moogle: Let's see what this mysterious missive has to say...

Moogle: "Deer valyooed kustomer,
Thank yoo for choozing Moogle-House, Inc.
This deelux domicyle has ben furnishd
with an abundense of furst-class acooterments
for yoor living lukshury, kupo."

Moogle: "We are shoore yoo will enjoy yoor stay.
Lyke out mottoe sez:
Moogle-House--leese it, live it, luv it!"

Moogle: What's that? Oh, Dom Kupeliaure is the MHMU representative in charge of administering all Mog House-related affairs. A most charming and charitable chap, kupo!

Moogle: That's odd, though... He always struck me as a bit more...literate?

Moogle: Then again, he is a busy moogle. Contracts to sign, inspections to oversee, deadbeat adventurers to evict... You know how it is, kupo. Perhaps he was just in a hurry?

Moogle: Anyway, let's take a swift survey of the area, shall we?

Moogle: Walls...worrisomely worn. Ceiling...categorically crumbling. Floor stones...frighteningly falling apart.

Moogle: I'm afraid it's just as I feared, kupo. This place needs some serious sprucing up!

Moogle: First, let's take care of this gaping gash in the ceiling. A sturdy metal strip should do the trick, don't you think?

Moogle: An adventurer with your mining mastery should be able to find it in a flash, kupo! You wouldn't object to obtaining it for me, would you?

Moogle: While you're out, I'll take up my tools and get cracking. Happy hunting!

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