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Hobby in which various items can be harvested by using a sickle at a harvesting point. In order to harvest, all you need to do is use your Sickle in the item list on the Harvesting Point. You can set the following macro in order to speed up the process.

/item Sickle <t>
Sickles can break with use, although the Field Tunica Set or Worker Tunica Set can minimize such breakages.

Most items you'll get will stack, although depending on your available inventory space, you may want to research the value or the various items before you begin Harvesting.

Harvesting in Adoulin Areas

Harvesting in Adoulin areas is unlike harvesting in the rest of Vana'diel. In Adoulin, one suffers from fatigue much like you would when fishing. This limits the amount of times you can harvest in any given area at a given time. The harvesting point will move from one place to another, as per usual, once it runs out of items, but even if you find another point, you won't be able to harvest anything if your fatigue is maxed out.

The gathering fatigue will set in rather quickly, depending on various conditions such as Ionis effects. Gathering fatigue will slowly decay over time, allowing one additional successful gathering attempt approximately every two minutes.

There are items one can use to increase max fatigue, mainly in the form of tools that can be bought from Floralie at the Pioneers' Coalition for bayld.

Harvesting Locations

Bhaflau Thickets

Item Abundance
Mohbwa Grass 15.1%Common(15.1%)
Fresh Marjoram 14.7%Uncommon(14.7%)
Pephredo Hive Chip 14.8%Uncommon(14.8%)
Simsim 11.7%Uncommon(11.7%)
Imperial Tea Leaves 11%Uncommon(11%)
Coffee Cherries 10%Uncommon(10%)
Eggplant 5.1%Rare(5.1%)
Red Moko Grass 5.8%Rare(5.8%)
Fresh Mugwort 4.6%Very Rare(4.6%)
Wijnruit 3.7%Very Rare(3.7%)
Eastern Ginger 3.6%Very Rare(3.6%)
Harvesting Map


Item Abundance
Red Moko Grass 15%Uncommon(15%)
Dyer's Woad 14.3%Uncommon(14.3%)
Flax Flower 14.3%Uncommon(14.3%)
Saruta Cotton 14%Uncommon(14%)
Fresh Marjoram 12.1%Uncommon(12.1%)
Moko Grass 10.3%Uncommon(10.3%)
Windurstian Tea Leaves 5.7%Rare(5.7%)
Gysahl Greens 5.2%Rare(5.2%)
King Locust 4.4%Very Rare(4.4%)
Wijnruit 3.7%Very Rare(3.7%)
Grain Seeds 2.3%Very Rare(2.3%)
Herb Seeds 2.1%Very Rare(2.1%)
Fresh Mugwort 2%Very Rare(2%)
Crawler Cocoon 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%)
Vegetable Seeds 1.6%Very Rare(1.6%)
Mistroot 101%Received with quest active
Savory Lamb Roast 3.1%Very Rare(3.1%)
Harvesting Map

Grauberg [S]

Item Abundance
Moko Grass 18.3%Common(18.3%)
Red Moko Grass 18.5%Common(18.5%)
Vegetable Seeds 12.5%Uncommon(12.5%)
Burdock 15.6%Common(15.6%)
Grain Seeds 10.6%Uncommon(10.6%)
Herb Seeds 12%Uncommon(12%)
Lesser Chigoe 12.7%Uncommon(12.7%)
Winterflower 11.6%Uncommon(11.6%)
Harvesting Map

Wajaom Woodlands

Item Abundance
Fresh Marjoram 18.8%Common(18.8%)
Simsim 10.6%Uncommon(10.6%)
Mohbwa Grass 13.1%Uncommon(13.1%)
Pephredo Hive Chip 17.6%Common(17.6%)
Eggplant 5.9%Rare(5.9%)
Coffee Cherries 9.6%Rare(9.6%)
Eastern Ginger 4.5%Very Rare(4.5%)
Imperial Tea Leaves 8.6%Rare(8.6%)
Red Moko Grass 4.7%Very Rare(4.7%)
Fresh Mugwort 4.3%Very Rare(4.3%)
Wijnruit 2.4%Very Rare(2.4%)
Harvesting Map

West Sarutabaruta

Item Abundance
Moko Grass 16.8%Common(16.8%)
Saruta Cotton 12.9%Uncommon(12.9%)
Fresh Marjoram 11.8%Uncommon(11.8%)
Red Moko Grass 10.9%Uncommon(10.9%)
Flax Flower 9.2%Rare(9.2%)
Dyer's Woad 8.8%Rare(8.8%)
Gysahl Greens 6.7%Rare(6.7%)
Windurstian Tea Leaves 6.5%Rare(6.5%)
Skull Locust 4.8%Very Rare(4.8%)
Wijnruit 3.6%Very Rare(3.6%)
Vegetable Seeds 3.2%Very Rare(3.2%)
Herb Seeds 2.1%Very Rare(2.1%)
Grain Seeds 1.9%Very Rare(1.9%)
Crawler Cocoon 1.6%Very Rare(1.6%)
Savory Lamb Roast 1%Very Rare(1%)
Fresh Mugwort 1%Extremely Rare(1%)
Harvesting Map

West Sarutabaruta (S)[S]

Item Abundance
Fresh Marjoram 16.3%Common(16.3%)
Moko Grass 15.8%Common(15.8%)
Saruta Cotton 16.8%Common(16.8%)
Burdock 8.9%Rare(8.9%)
Red Moko Grass 8.3%Rare(8.3%)
Flax Flower 9.1%Rare(9.1%)
Vegetable Seeds 5.4%Rare(5.4%)
Skull Locust 5.5%Rare(5.5%)
Fresh Mugwort 3.9%Very Rare(3.9%)
King Locust 3.5%Very Rare(3.5%)
Herb Seeds 2.8%Very Rare(2.8%)
Grain Seeds 3.7%Very Rare(3.7%)
Harvesting Map

Yuhtunga Jungle

This is not a harvesting map, this map shows logging points.
Item Abundance
Woozyshroom 0%Unknown(0%) (Common)
Danceshroom 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
Sleepshroom 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
Scream Fungus 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
Puffball 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
King Truffle 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Rare)
Mushroom Locust 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Rare)
Harvesting Map

Yhoator Jungle

Item Abundance
Woozyshroom 0%Unknown(0%) (Common)
Danceshroom 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
Sleepshroom 0%Unknown(0%) (Uncommon)
Scream Fungus 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
Coral Fungus 0%Unknown(0%) (Rare)
Reishi Mushroom 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Rare)
Mushroom Locust 0%Unknown(0%) (Very Rare)

Harvesting Map
Note: Harvesting Points Appear During Rain Weather.

Abyssea - Grauberg

Item Abundance
Herb Seeds 9.7%Rare(9.7%)
Moko Grass 13.3%Uncommon(13.3%)
Lesser Chigoe 8.8%Rare(8.8%)
Grain Seeds 8.8%Rare(8.8%)
Red Moko Grass 11.8%Uncommon(11.8%)
Burdock 10%Rare(10%)
Vegetable Seeds 7.9%Rare(7.9%)
Grauberg Greens 9.4%Rare(9.4%)

Harvesting Map

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