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While speaking to a starter NPC in one of the three nations may improve the possibility of attaining the gifts, it has been proven that it is NOT a requirement. Simply start out by following the Dragatama and wyrms. Now trade Dragatama anything. He takes anything from Christmas candies to Muddy Bar Tabs. As well as receiving your item, you can also receive a random buff. You can still receive buffs even if you already possess all the items listed below or have full inventory at the time of trading. He will give random items or buffs and say: Dragatama: " "

Upon a successful trade:

  • He says, "I am the will of the realm's guardian wyrms made manifest, and in accordance with the Fra Eastern calander, this year belongs to us! May the soil be fertile and the harvests bountiful in the coming months." or
  • He says, "You currently stand in the eye of a raging maelstrom. Embark upon those winds and let them carry you to glory, obliterating all who dare defy you." or
  • He says, " "

Known rewards

(giant rabbit costume)

(Snoll costume)

(3 Hour)

When used you will get the message: "Player eats a galette des rois,but finds nothing inside..." or "Player eats a Galette des Rois. Player finds an item inside!"

Note: The NPCs run the entire zone, I had to use Wide Scan just to keep up with them.

New Year's Gift

New Year's gift

Talk to one of the Event Starter NPCs in the 3 nations.


  1. Let you ask Grandpa a question.
  2. Give you something from my pocket.
  3. Tell you more about Grandpa.
After obtaining the Battledore, on subsequent trades you will receive fireworks when selecting option 2.
  • Note: If you trade the New Year's Gift back, or you "use" the Gift, you will receive Fishing Imagery Support for an hour.

Copy of "Hoary Spire"

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