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Buffalo Bonanza Shop

Macchi Gazlitah, next to the fountain in Ru'Lude Gardens, sells the following items related to this event, including the Buffalo Milk Case furnishing. She will eventually run out of some items - namely the Buffalo Milk Case and Buffalo Meat - but will regularly restock her goods as long as people are buying from her. If nothing is bought for an extended period, then she will stop selling some items until business picks up. A message will be displayed in /say to the local area:

"My new shipment has finally come in. Talk to me, and I can show you what we have!"

Buffalo Ranchers

In the zones outside the three starter cities there are Felicific Buffalo running wild, chased by several Ranchers.

Trading the Ranchers items may reward you with one of several items (see below), and/or a random buff (such as Protect, Shell, or Shock Spikes). All non exclusive items (excluding beastmen armor) will be accepted by the rancher. The chance of receiving a reward item differs depending upon the item given.

  • Although the ranchers will not accept beastmen armor for the items listed below, you still may receive one of the random buffs for trading a piece of armor to a rancher. You will retain the armor after trading, so it can be repeatedly traded for more buffs.
  • After trading a Brigandine to a rancher, the item was lost. Be careful of what you trade.

Possible Rancher Rewards

New Year's Gift

Snowman Knight

Snowman Mage

Snowman Miner

Buffalo Bonanza Milk

Milk Caps

Trading items to the Ranchers can also reward you with one of three bottle caps, each specific to one zone:

Trading all three caps to Macchi Gazlitah will reward you with a Buffalo Milk Case. (This can also be bought without trading the caps for 5,000 gil)

File:Buffalo Milk Case.jpg

New Year's Gift


Talk to one of the Event Starter NPCs in the 3 nations.


  1. Let you ask Grandpa a question.
  2. Give you something from my pocket.
  3. Tell you more about Grandpa.
After obtaining the Battledore, on subsequent trades you will receive fireworks when selecting option 2.

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