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Happy New Year! (01/01/06)
[[{{SUBST:Happy New Year 2006}}|   ]]

Season's greetings and a happy New Year!

Incidentally, a certain impetuous summoner, looking for a way to
accomplish the arduous, onerous task of defeating Maat, called on Fenrir to
read his fortune for the New Year. Unfortunately for him, Fenrir refused to
listen, and ran outside of town instead!

Won't you lend the poor summoner a hand and help him catch Fenrir if you
see him?

Fenrir claims that he just wanted to teach the inconsiderate little summoner
a lesson, but apparently the avatar does plan to forgive him.

  • This event is scheduled to commence on Dec. 31, 2005 at 07:00, and will last until Jan. 10, 2006 at 0:00 (PST).
[[{{SUBST:Happy New Year 2006}}|   ]]

  • Note that the 2005 New Year's Special Event was followed up with a more comprehensive Event later on; the same may occur here.


  • Note that if you trade the New Year's gift back to one of the Summoners, you will recieve your fortune and the random Enhancing Magic Effect, but you will not lose the item as with other trades.
  • Item trades neccesary for determining which reward is given are not yet fully known.
  • Methods for determining the Enhancing Magic effect recieved are not known.

(More Data to Follow)


This event is the latest in a tradition of mini-New Year's events themed on the coming year's animal in the Chinese Zodiac. 2005's New Year's Day pre-event featured a Bird-type NPC called a Bird of Wonder (trailed by three Birds of Peace), as 2005 was the Year of the Rooster; 2004, being the Year of the Monkey, featured a "family" of Opo-Opos.

2006 is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac, hence the appearance of Fenrir, a wolf.


New Year's Gift

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