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New Year Rivalry: Moogles vs. Goblins?! (12/26/04)
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The Starlight Celebration was a resounding success. Thanks to your help, the cities of Vana'diel are overflowing with cheer, and smiles have returned to the children's faces.

The moogles, however, seem unusually glum in contrast to the joyful atmosphere.

"There weren't supposed to be so many of them searching for the cards, kupo..."

"Well, we can play that game, too, kupo..."

The chocobo-riding Goblins frantically searching for something outside the city walls appear to be the cause of the moogles' mood.

Try talking to a gloomy moogle and see what you can do to help!

How to Participate

  • The moogles have cleverly hidden seven types of Tenshodo trading cards all over Vana'diel and challenged the Goblins to find them.
  • Try checking the areas of "Overturned Soil" and collect the cards before the Goblins do!
  • Checking the "Overturned Soil" as a party will increase the number of cards found at one time. Gather as many friends as possible, and help each other collect all seven types!
  • Once you have a full set of cards, trade them all to the moogles to receive your reward!

Event Areas

West Ronfaure
South Gustaberg
East Sarutabaruta
La Theine Plateau
Konschtat Highlands
Tahrongi Canyon
Jugner Forest
Pashhow Marshlands
Meriphataud Mountains
Batallia Downs
Rolanberry Fields
Sauromugue Champaign
  • This event will run from December 26, 19:00 (PST) to January 9, 19:00 (PST).
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Notorious Monsters

Wayward Worm


Benten Card
Bishamon Card
Daikoku Card
Ebisu Card
Fukurokuju Card
Hotei Card
Jurojin Card


Mandragora Belt
Rabbit Belt
Worm Belt

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