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==How to Obtain==
==How to Obtain==
'''Auction House Category:''' [[:Category:Armor|Armor]] > [[:Category:Body|Body]]
'''''Crafted Only!'''''
'''''Crafted Only!'''''

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Hachiman Domaru


Hachiman Domaru
[Body] All Races
DEF: 47 STR +8
Store TP +6
Weapon Skill Accuracy +8
Lv. 70 SAM

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Other Uses

Guild Points Value: Unknown

NPC Sell Price: ???~??? gil

Synthesis Recipes

Smithing (96/107), Leathercraft (Information)

Yield: Hachiman Domaru
HQ 1: Hachiman Domaru +1
Fire Crystal

Used in Recipes

  • None

Desynthesis Recipe


Obtained From Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Armor > Body ( )

Crafted Only!

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