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Gwynham Ironheart, Mapmaker Extraordinaire
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688 - 765

Gwynham Ironheart. Seaman. Adventurer. Cartographer.

Ironheart was once the captain of a trading vessel plying the Bastore Sea, but a chance meeting with disaster cost him both his ship and his crew. Never one to dwell on misfortune, the elderly Hume took up the profession of adventurer and set out on foot to map all the lands of Vana'diel. His seemingly ludicrous plan was originally the source of much derision and amusement; however, once the precision of his cartography became well known amongst sailors and travelers, the Kingdom of San d'Oria and the Republic of Bastok acknowledged the value (and danger) of his work with financial backing.
Ironheart eventually met a heroic demise at the hands of Orcish marauders while exploring the last unknown frontier of the Quon continent--Valdeaunia. His quest was continued by his daughter Enid, who traveled to the continent of Mindartia and successfully mapped the remaining territories.

The accuracy of the Ironheart maps was proven more than a century later with the appearance of the first airships. With various notations being constantly added, these maps are still relied upon by adventurers today.

Gwynham Ironheart's gravestone lies in Valdeaunia and was inscribed with the following words by his Elvaan rival, Lord Torresapet B Ordelle: "Here lies a most courageous man who brought the safety of charted lands to Vana'diel."

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 14

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