Recommended Fame Quests

Reputation Dialog

Level Reputation Text
1 I don't believe I've seen you before. <Name>, you're called? That's no name I've ever heard. As a stranger, people will be reluctant to request things of you. You will first need to earn their trust.
2 <Name>? I might have heard the name somewhere before... It seems to me you're not quite considered part of the community yet. But with some effort, you should be able to earn a place for yourself here.
3 Ah, <Name>. That is a name I'm familiar with. The folk here are beginning to know you. In fact, your name pops up in their conversations from time to time. Don't let up your efforts, you hear?
4 Ah, <Name>. I hear your name quite often these days. Most of survivor community has come to know you. This is undoubtedly a fruit of your labors. Keep up the good work!
5 <Name>! I'd be hard pressed to find one among us who doesn't already know your name. Your accomplishments have earned you the respect of all the folk here. I hope you will keep on doing good for the community.
6 Ah, <Name>! How good of you to drop by! Not that you need to be told, but you're quite the celebrity among the survivors. The help you've afforded the community has been of immeasurable value. You thoroughly deserve your reputation as the jewel of Vunkerl!