Start NPC Veridical Conflux - Pashhow Marshlands (S) (J-9)
Requirements KeyItemCrimson Stratum Abyssite IV

KeyItemIndigo Stratum Abyssite IV
KeyItemJade Stratum Abyssite IV
Hahava, Celaeno, and Voidwrought defeated
Have entered Walk of Echoes at least once
Back to the Beginning

Repeatable No
Reward KeyItemVoidwatch Alarum
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None Drafted by the Duchy
Walk of Echoes Weapon Skill Trials



Game Description

Cait Sith, Kupofried (Pashhow Marshlands)
At the behest of this enigmatic duo, you have sworn to protect Vana'diel from the Voidwalker menace. Seek out comrades in the fight, that you might send these interdimensional intruders back to the darkness from whence they came!

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