Start NPC Tami - Bastok Mines (J-8)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Meat Jerky
Repeatable Yes, until you receive the Rabbit Mantle.
Reward Rabbit Mantle
10 Gil


  • Talk to Tami at (J-8) in Bastok Mines.
  • She'll give you the key item Tami's Note to take to her husband.
    • Note: If you read the note, the quest is no longer repeatable.
  • If you do not read the note:
    • Take the note to Zelman at (I-8) in Zeruhn Mines.
    • He will tell you that he is busy and to report back to his wife.
    • Return to Tami and get a reward of 10 gil.

Game Description

Tami (Near Residential Area, Bastok Mines)
Hand Tami's note to her husband, Zelman, a miner in the Zeruhn Mines.