Start NPC Maugie - Southern San d'Oria (L-9)
Requirements San d'Oria Reputation 2
Repeatable No
Reward 1500 gil



Signposts in Jugner Forest

  • Maugie wants you to clean off the signposts in Jugner Forest.
  • There are 4 signposts in Jugner Forest, located at (E-11), (G-8), (H-7), and (J-5). To clean them, just click on them, read the garbled message, then choose to clean it when given the option.
  • After you clean all 4 signposts, return to Maugie for your reward.

Game Description

Maugie (Eastgate, Southern San d'Oria)
The four signposts in Jugner Forest need scrubbing. Clean them before someone gets lost.
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