This article is about Meeble Burrows Grimoires, for the Scholar key item see KeyItemGrimoire

How to obtain

The first of a possible five Grimoires that are obtainable will be automatically received when first signing up to do a Meeble Burrows expedition by talking to the Burrow Investigator in Upper Jeuno. The other four Grimoires can be purchased from the Burrow Investigator or Burrow Researcher for 2,000 gil or 200 Research marks each. Although each of the five Grimoires has a distinct name, there seems to be no difference in use and stats so it is unclear at this time why there are five different ones available.

Available Grimoires

Automatically obtained when first participating in Meeble Burrows:

  • Diligencegrimoire

Purchasable from the Burrow Investigator and Burrow Researcher right away:

  • Aviditygrimoire

Purchasable after completing three expedition courses: