Start NPC Hari Pakhroib - Kazham (I-11)
Requirements Kazham Reputation 7
Items Needed Wild Pamamas
Title Granted Kazham Caller
Repeatable Yes
Reward 5000 gil

Yhoator Jungle

Ifrit's Cauldron Map 1

Ifrit's Cauldron Map 2


  • Talk to Hari Pakhroib (I-11) to start the quest.
  • You will need to obtain a bunch of Wild Pamamas.
  • Take your Wild Pamamas to Ifrit's Cauldron's (G-6) entrance in Yhoator Jungle.
    • Note: Silent Oil & Prism Powder are recommended as Bombs aggro to magic and have long sensory range.
    • Don't worry about the Ice Clusters unless you want to explore. There are no flame spouts along this path.
  • Take the first right and follow the path to tunnel C on the first map.
  • Then just follow that path into the second map where you will find the Altar of Ashes at (I-9).
  • You do not need to actually shout your name, just trade the Wild Pamamas to the altar.
  • Return to Hari Pakhroib and speak with her to collect your 5k.
  • You may repeat this quest, but you must zone from Kazham before you can get it again. Warping to the nearby Home Point is sufficient.

Game Description

Hari Pakhroib (Kazham)
Take your offering to the guardian of Kazham to the altar on the crater of Mount Yuhtunga.