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Green Thumb Moogle
MHMU worker


Green Thumb Moogles are dispatched by the MHMU to tend to all your gardening needs. They also supply players with a Key ItemGPS crystal upon their first visit.

Starts Quests

Involved in Quests

Involved in Events


Goods and rank one and two creatures.

Item Price Requirement
Vegetable Seeds 280 gil
Fruit Seeds 320 gil
Grain Seeds 280 gil
Herb Seeds 280 gil
Cactus Stems 1,685 gil
Wildgrass Seeds 320 gil
Lugworm 12 gil
Little Worm 4 gil
Distilled Water 12 gil
Moko Grass 20 gil
Golden Seed Pouch Exclusive 1,111 gil Mog Gardens Campaign
Chestnut Tree Sap Exclusive 1,111 gil Mog Gardens Campaign
Monarch Beetle Saliva Exclusive 1,111 gil Mog Gardens Campaign
Florid Leaf Mold 5,000 gil
Rockoil 5,000 gil
Flax Flower 300 gil Key ItemLamb memento
Windurstian Tea Leaves 24 gil Key ItemSheep memento
Imperial Tea Leaves 4,800 gil Key ItemKarakul memento
Ram Skin 1,890 gil Key ItemRam memento
Flower Seeds 624 gil Key ItemSapling memento
Tree Cuttings 3,114 gil Key ItemGreen foliage treant memento
Elm Log 4,278 gil Key ItemRed foliage treant memento
Rabbit Hide 72 gil Key ItemBaby rabbit memento
Hare Meat 38 gil Key ItemRabbit memento
Frost Turnip 38 gil Key ItemWhite rabbit memento
Lizard Skin 760 gil Key ItemBaby lizard memento
Lizard Egg 72 gil Key ItemLizard memento
Lizard Blood 2,376 gil Key ItemAlabaster lizard memento
Sabiki Rig 3,830 gil Key ItemBaby cockatrice memento
Cockatrice Meat 960 gil Key ItemCockatrice memento
Ziz Meat 960 gil Key ItemZiz memento
Rotten Meat 84 gil Key ItemBaby raptor memento
Raptor Skin 3,448 gil Key ItemRaptor memento
Bone Chip 91 gil Key ItemRed raptor memento
Shell Bug 108 gil Key ItemBaby eft memento
Eft Skin 2,671 gil Key ItemEft memento
Helmet Mole 420 gil Key ItemTarichuk memento
Bronze Bed 30,000 gil Mog Gardens Campaign
Mahogany Bed 80,000 gil Mog Gardens Campaign
Noble's Bed 200,000 gil Mog Gardens Campaign
Goblin Stew 880 RareExclusive 100,000 gil Mog Gardens Campaign
Pagodite 160 gil

Rank three creatures.

Item Price Requirement
Bastore Sardine 30 gil Key Item"Sakura and the Fountain"
Batagreens 300 gil Key ItemDhalmel calf memento
Giant Femur 2,000 gil Key ItemDhalmel memento
Dhalmel Hide 3,300 gil Key ItemGreat dhalmel memento
Contortopus 1,512 gil Key ItemSea monk larva memento
Mercanbaligi 4,000 gil Key ItemSea monk memento
Istavrit 960 gil Key ItemBlue sea monk memento
Seashell 144 gil Key ItemUragnite youngling memento
Uragnite Shell 14,400 gil Key ItemUragnite memento
Denizanasi 42 gil Key ItemLimascabra memento
Fish Broth 108 gil Key ItemImmature crab memento
Land Crab Meat 1,344 gil Key ItemCrab memento
Barnacle 1,656 gil Key ItemPorter crab memento
Beehive Chip 48 gil Key ItemBaby colibri memento
Honey 350 gil Key ItemColibri memento
Entisyrup 2,000 gil Key ItemToucalibri memento

Rank four creatures.

Item Price Requirement
Rock Salt 16 gil Key Item"Sakura and the Magicked Net"
Pipira 279 gil Key ItemCoeurl cub memento
Gold Lobster 1,378 gil Key ItemCoeurl memento
Lynx Collar 2,100 gil Key ItemLynx memento
Millioncorn 57 gil Key ItemBuffalo calf memento
Uleguerand Milk 600 gil Key ItemBuffalo memento
Vitriol 1,300 gil Key ItemMini slime memento
Slime Oil 2,000 gil Key ItemSlime memento
Beastman Blood 2,757 gil Key ItemClot memento
Hecteyes Eye 3,600 gil Key ItemHecteyes memento
Rarab Tail 28 gil Key ItemMandragora sproutling memento
Saruta Cotton 48 gil Key ItemMandragora memento
Sulfur 918 gil Key ItemElder mandragora memento
Lycopodium Flower 576 gil Key ItemLycopodium memento
Saruta Orange 38 gil Key ItemAke-ome memento
Red Moko Grass 144 gil Key ItemAdenium memento
Moon Carrot 120 gil Key ItemElder adenium memento
Beast Blood 1,638 gil Key ItemKorrigan memento
Chimera Blood 1,728 gil Key ItemPachypodium memento
Watermelon 240 gil Key ItemCitrullus memento

Rank five through seven creatures.

Item Price Requirement
San d'Orian Carrot 32 gil Key Item"Sakura's Excellent Adventure"
Chicken Bone 1,600 gil Key ItemTiny bugard memento
Bugard Skin 3,500 gil Key ItemBugard memento
Bugard Tusk 6,400 gil Key ItemAbyssobugard memento
Turtle Shell 9,600 gil Key ItemBaby adamantoise memento
Bronze Nugget 85 gil Key ItemAdamantoise memento
Adaman Nugget 5,216 gil Key ItemGreat adamantoise memento
Adamantoise Shell 232,000 gil Key ItemWhite adamantoise memento
Iron Nugget 700 gil Key ItemFerromantoise memento
Steel Nugget 1,280 gil Key ItemGreat ferromantoise memento
Bomb Ash 750 gil Key ItemCluster memento
Bomb Arm 800 gil Key ItemBomb memento
Djinn Arm 1,300 gil Key ItemDjinn memento
Snoll Arm 1,200 gil Key ItemSnoll memento
Buffalo Meat 1,600 gil Key ItemBehemoth cub memento
Behemoth Hide 4,500 gil Key ItemBehemoth memento
Behemoth Horn 7,000 gil Key ItemKing behemoth memento
Holy Water 1,100 gil Key ItemElasmoth memento
Icarus Wing 15,000 gil Key ItemSkormoth memento
Wyvern Scales 9,360 gil Key ItemDragon hatchling memento
Wyvern Skin 9,500 gil Key ItemWyvern memento
Dragon Blood 16,000 gil Key ItemBlue wyvern memento
Wyvern Tailskin 12,000 gil Key ItemGreen wyvern memento
Dragon Talon 19,800 gil Key ItemAbyssal wyrm memento
Cashmere Wool 22,000 gil Key ItemLunar wyrm memento
Siren's Hair 120,000 gil Key ItemBlazing wyrm memento
Red Gravel 1,750 gil Key ItemPequetender memento
Cactuar Root 19,080 gil Key ItemSabotender memento
Hermes Quencher 13,914 gil Key ItemJumbotender memento

Star Exchange

Item/Service Stars
Trip to San d'Oria 1
Trip to Bastok 1
Trip to Windurst 1
Key ItemGil repository 5
One week of work from Kuyin Hathdenna 5 (must have met Kuyin for this option to be available)
One week of work from Susuroon 5 (must have met Susuroon for this option to be available)
One week of work from Yeestog 5 (must have met Yeestog for this option to be available)
Coalition Humus 10
Super Baitball 10
Coalition Chum 10
Key ItemCrab caller 15
Coalition Fertilizer 15
Coalition Serum 15
Key ItemShimmering invitation 15
Overalls RareExclusive 30

Historical Background

One who is good at gardening is said to have a "green thumb."