«FFXI-Movie» 0846 - Green Groves

Game Script

Green Groves

Green Thumb Moogle : Congratulations on hauling in your headmost harvest!
Don't forget, all that palatable produce and paraphernalia is yours for the picking, kupo.
Green Thumb Moogle : Kupopopo... I sense some seedlings of information sprouting.
Green Thumb Moogle : Unlike at Mog Houses, leaving the fruits of your labor to languish on the vine won't dry them out like Hildebert's sense of humor, kupo.
Green Thumb Moogle : Wha-wha-what?
They wouldn't wither if we moogles watched over them properly, you proffer?
Green Thumb Moogle : Pish posh! We're on our best behavior when it comes to caring for crops, kupo!
Green Thumb Moogle : Owowow...
I suppose the truth truly does hurt, kupo.
Green Thumb Moogle : So...the ferociously firm fruit that plunked me on my pom-pom fell from that flora?
Green Thumb Moogle : But how could it have come so far?
Did wild winds whip in from the Senroh Sea just to dent my dome? How devilishly disconcerting, kupo!
Green Thumb Moogle : We have to corral these cranium-crippling conundrums before they bonk any more bystanders!
Green Thumb Moogle : [Name], examine the rustic roots growing from that green grove to extirpate the extraneous and evildoing edibles!
Trust me. It may seem irrelevant, but it'll actually help us get to the "root" of the problem. Kupopopo!

After cutscene

Green Thumb Moogle : Examine the earth-rupturing roots to reveal riveting rewards!
Green Thumb Moogle : Well, maybe not "riveting," but rewards nonetheless, kupo.
Either way, take some time to talk to me when you're done.