Start NPC Emhi Tchaoryo - Windurst Waters (S) (H-9)
Minimum Rank KeyItemBrass Ribbon of Service ∮∮
Category Defensive
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1-6 Members
Star-icon Experience Points Allied Notes
1 ~170 ~640
2 Qmark Qmark
3 Qmark Qmark
4 Qmark Qmark
5 387-390 1355-1365
Op Tiers   I    II    III  
Related Ops BastokSan d'OriaWindurst


  1. Take a party of 1-6 people to Sauromugue Champaign (S) and to the Fortilace at (L-9) to zone into Ghoyu's Reverie.
    • Take the ramp at the top of (L-8) to reach the Fortilace.
  2. Once ready, have the party leader click the Fortilace to begin. Once inside you will have 30 minutes.
  3. After entering run straight ahead until you see the Federation Garrison NPC.
  4. Wait with the NPC, and three Yagudo Stormers will come.
  5. The Yagudo's jobs are Black Mage, Samurai, and Ninja.
    • The NPC will assist in combat.
    • Stormers can be slept if needed.
  6. Once the Yagudo are defeated, click on the Dawn Aureola to exit and receive your exp.
    • If you are far away from the Dawn Aureola you will not get the experience points!
  7. Report to Emhi Tchaoryo to receive your reward and complete the Mission.

Note: The Yagudo are extremely weak, with low hp, and any combination above 65 should have no trouble.


Reports indicate that a large battalion of beastman raiders has been dispatched to Ghoyu's Reverie. Travel to the caves via the Sauromugue Champaign and aid the soldiers stationed there in defending the location.

Unit Requirement: 1~6 members

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