Merit Point Ability

  • Leviathan deals water elemental damage to target.


Avatar: Leviathan (Water)

Blood Pact: Rage

Cost: 182 MP

Level: Merits


Effect Duration: Instantaneous

Battle Application: Magic Burst

Damage Type: Magic

Additional Notes:

  • This attack ignores and strips any Copy Images on the target
  • As with other magic Blood Pact: Rage attacks, TP does increase damage. (Linearly, with no TP tiers)
  • Formula is (floor[512+1.72*(TP+1)] + floor[(Avatar's INT - Monster's INT) * 1.5]) * MAB(of avatar)/MDB(of monster) * Day/Weather
  • Leviathan has MAB IV trait at Lv75 and 82 INT.

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Grand Fall" <t>
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