Petrification (Status Effect) Gradual Petrification is a harmful status effect that slowly turns the player to stone. Afflicted characters have a timer that counts down. During the countdown, their movement and attack speed gradually decreases, and once the countdown ends, the player is fully petrified.

How to remove the effect

  • This status can only be removed by defeating the enemy that inflicted it. Stona and Benediction have no effect.
  • Upon the countdown reaching zero, the Gradual Petrification effect is replaced by the negative status effect Petrification. At this point it may now be removed by standard means.
    • If a Petrify Screen is used while gradually petrifying, the Negate Petrify status will prevent petrification from taking place immediately when the counter reaches 0; however the Gradual Petrification status will remain and you will become petrified once the Negate Petrify status wears off.

How the effect is inflicted

Monster Abilities

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