Golden shovel cordon.png

Golden shovel cordon
Embroidered with a gleaming golden shovel, this badge is given only to pioneers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in advancing the colonization initiative. Reduces the waiting period for new coalition imprimaturs.
Used In Quest(s):
See below

Obtaining this key item

Complete all of the following:

Wildskeeper Reives

Seekers of Adoulin quests

Twitherym Dust / To Catch a Predator / Empty Nest / Don't Clam Up on Me Now / Hop to It / Boiling Over / Poisoning the Well / Unsullied Lands / No Rime Like the Present / A Geothermal Expedition / Granddaddy Dearest / Wayward Waypoints / One Good Turn... / F.A.I.L.ure is Not an Option / Order Up / Western Waypoints, Ho! / Wes...Eastern Waypoints, Ho! / Grind to Sawdust / I'm on a Boat / A Stone's Throw Away / Hide and Go Peak / The Whole Place Is Abuzz / Orobon Appetit / Talk About Wrinkly Skin / Did You Feel That? / Breaking the Ice / Lerene's Lament / No Love Lost / Don't Ever Leaf Me / Keep Your Bloomers On, Erisa / Raptor Rapture / Exotic Delicacies / A Pioneer's Best (Imaginary) Friend / Hunger Strikes / The Old Man and the Harpoon / A Certain Substitute Patrolman / It Sets My Heart Aflutter / Transporting / The Starving / Fertile Ground / "Always more," Quoth the Ravenous / Meg-alomaniac / The Longest Way Round... / A Good Pair of Crocs / Cafe...teria / A Shot in the Dark / Open the Floodgates / No Laughing Matter / All the Way to the Bank / To Laugh Is to Love / A Barrel of Laughs / Vegetable Vegetable Revolution / Vegetable Vegetable Evolution / Vegetable Vegetable Crisis / Vegetable Vegetable Frustration / A Thirst for the Ages / A Thirst for the Eons / A Thirst for Eternity / A Thirst Before Time / Dances with Luopans / Children of the Rune / Flowers for Svenja / Thorn in the Side / Flavors of Our Lives / It Never Goes Out of Style / Water, Water, Everywhere / Dirt Cheap / Flower Power / Do Not Go Into the Light / Velkkovert Operations / Hypocritical Oath / The Good, the Bad, the Clement / The Secret to Success / Sick and Tired / The Weatherspoon Inquisition / Eye of the Beholder / The Curious Case of Melvien / No Mercy for the Wicked / Mistress of Ceremonies / Not-So-Clean Bill / In the Land of the Blind / The Weatherspoon War

Other Quests (Mog Gardens)

Full Fields / Green Groves / Mining Missive / Pond Probing / Coastal Chaos / Seed Sowing / Flotsam Finding / Courtesy Crustacean / Trinket for the Tyrant / Hypnotic Hospitality / Titillating Tomes / Release the Fleece / Feeding Frenzy / Cry Not, Caretaker / Chacharoon's Cheer / Trial of the Chacharoon / Doctor Chacharoon / Rowing Together

Coalition Assignments

All coalition assignments except for the following: Provide: Foret de Hennetiel / Provide: Morimar Basalt Fields / Provide: Yorcia Weald / Provide: Marjami Ravine / Provide: Kamihr Drifts / Gather: Ra'Kaznar Inner Court