This is the Summoner version of the Reforged Relic Armor set. It looks identical to the Summoner's Attire Set.

Number of Pieces: 5

Storage Options: Storage Slip 17
Can store single pieces.

Summoner's Attire Set

A Tarutaru male in full Glyphic Attire

Level Armor Piece
99 Glyphic HornAugmentedRareExclusive

[Head] All Races
DEF:69 HP+15 MP+80 STR+8 DEX+8
VIT+8 AGI+8 INT+12 MND+12 CHR+12
Evasion+16 Magic Evasion+51
"Magic Def. Bonus"+2 Haste+5%
"Blood Pact" ability delay -7
Avatar perpetuation cost -4
Avatar: "Magic Atk. Bonus"+20
Enhances Astral Flow effect
Lv. 99 SMN

<Item Level: 109>
99 Glyphic Doublet AugmentedRareExclusive

[Body] All Races
DEF:90 HP+23 MP+100 STR+13 DEX+12
VIT+13 AGI+13 INT+18 MND+18 CHR+18
Evasion+19 Magic Evasion+54
"Magic Def. Bonus"+3 Haste+2%
"Blood Pact" ability delay II -1
Avatar perpetuation cost -4
Avatar: Critical hit rate +8%
Reduces Sp. "Blood Pact" MP cost
Lv.99 SMN

<Item Level: 109>
99 Glyphic Bracers AugmentedRareExclusive

[Hands] All Races
DEF:60 HP+8 MP+34 STR+4 DEX+17
VIT+15 AGI+3 INT+12 MND+21 CHR+12
Evasion+10 Magic Evasion+25
"Magic Def. Bonus"+1
Summoning magic skill+17 Haste+3%
"Blood Pact" ability delay -5
Avatar: Accuracy+20 Haste+2%
Inc. Sp. "Blood Pact" magic burst dmg.
Lv.99 SMN

<Item Level: 109>
99 Glyphic Spats AugmentedRareExclusive

[Legs] All Races
DEF:75 HP+18 MP+70 STR+16 VIT+7
AGI+11 INT+21 MND+15 CHR+12
Evasion+12 Magic Evasion+73
"Magic Def. Bonus"+3 Haste+4%
Shortens magic recast time for spirits
"Blood Pact": ability delay -5
Avatar: Magic Accuracy+10
Increases Sp. "Blood Pact" accuracy
Lv.99 SMN

<Item Level: 109>
99 Glyphic Pigaches AugmentedRareExclusive

[Feet] All Races
DEF:44 HP+4 MP+60 STR+6 DEX+7
VIT+6 AGI+20 INT+11 MND+12 CHR+21
Evasion+25 Magic Evasion+73
"Magic Def. Bonus"+2 Haste+3%
"Blood Pact" ability delay -5
Avatar: Attack+25
Magic Critical Hit Rate +7%
Increase Sp. "Blood Pact" crit. dmg.
Lv.99 SMN

<Item Level: 109>

Set Summary

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