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Glyph Hanger - Windurst Waters
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Hariga-Origa: Shh...!
Can't you see I'm in the middle of transcribing this book here? Please keep your voice down!

Hariga-Origa: "Heretofore, source of magick...primarily extrinsic energies...fill terra and caelum."

Hariga-Origa: "Tarutaru...analyzed...extrinsic energy...classifying into eight...elements. These... give birth magick...resides in soul...woven into, both..."

Hariga-Origa: ...What's this?

Hariga-Origa: I don't know how to read this glyph.
That's the trouble with ancient writings; the letters and characters are too hard to read...

Hariga-Origa: Hey, you there!
You wouldn't happen to be passing through West Sarutabaruta anytime soon, would you? If so, I have a little favor to ask.

(Say Yes)

Hariga-Origa: One of our researchers just headed off to the Horutoto Ruins in West Sarutabaruta.

Hariga-Origa: She specializes in paleography, so she should be able to read these glyphs with no trouble at all.

Hariga-Origa: Could you do me a favor and pass her this memo? Her name is Ipupu.

Obtained key item: Note From Hariga-Origa

Glyph Hanger - West Sarutabaruta
Script Video
Ipupu: Goodness-gracious?

What is it you want so much to hunt me down out here?

Ipupu: Oh, that's a note from Hariga-Origa, is it?
Erg! What atrocious writing! How is one supposed to read such completely incomprehensible scribble-wibbles?

Ipupu: Ohoho! Just kidding-widding, my dear! Had you going there for a second, didn't I? Ohoho! A little paleographer's joke, you see?

Ipupu: When you read ancient writings day in and day out, my dear, even young Hariga-Origa's scrawl becomes easily decipherable. Here, dear, this is how you read it...

Obtained key item: Note From Ipupu

Glyph Hanger - Windurst Waters
Script Video
Hariga-Origa: Oh, welcome back. Were you able to get any feedback from Ipupu?

Hariga-Origa: Hu-hum... So, this glyph just has the meaning of "Sanative"? Why didn't they just write "healing," for crying out loud?
Anyway, so where was I...

Hariga-Origa: "Heretofore, the source of magick was primarily the extrinsic energies that fill terra and caelum."

Hariga-Origa: The Tarutaru had analyzed that extrinsic energy, classifying it into eight elements. These elements give birth to magick that resides in the soul to be woven into spells both sanative and hostile."

Hariga-Origa: "However, after many long years of study, the existence of a converse of extrinsic energy, intrinsic energy from the soul itself, was discovered."

Hariga-Origa: Phew!
This book is way too complicated. I think I'll leave it here for today...

Hariga-Origa: Oh, that's right, I had better reward you with something for helping me out there. Let me see... How about this map I have here? I'm sure you'll find it useful in your adventures!

Obtained key item: Map of the Horutoto Ruins

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