Mission Name Glimmer of Portent
Number 3-6-5
Reward Trust: Ingrid
Repeatable No
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Salvation ...Into the Fire


If you did not acquire Trust: Ingrid before starting the mission Beauty and the Beast, it is now possible to do so once again by talking to Rigobertine in Eastern Adoulin (J-7) if you have obtained a KeyItemTrust permit.

  • Wait until the next in game day. Speak to Levil in the Pioneers' Coalition for a cutscene with him, Ingrid, and Lhe Lhangavo that ends this mission and begins the next chapter, as well as the next mission.
    • Some amount of fame may be required. If you have been following this walkthrough, you should be at level 5 fame by now and that is enough to get this cutscene.
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