Mission Name Glimmer of Life
Number 44
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Pillar of Hope Time Slips Away
Replay Cutscenes
Time Slips Away (Pt. 1-2) Goblin Footprint Grauberg (S) (C-14)


  • After the next in-game day, zone, and check the Veridical Conflux in Grauberg (S) again for another cutscene. Unlike the previous mission, you can check the Veridical Conflux with your weapons equipped.
    • Note: For the next mission, you will be asked to obtain a Punch Bug. As there is no waiting requirement between these two missions, you can save time by farming the Punch Bug beforehand.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The Scattered fragments of Lilisette's memory have melded together, paving a path towards the brighter future. But will this be enough to stay the encroaching darkness...?