Start NPC Luto Mewrilah - Upper Jeuno (G-8)
Repeatable Yes
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Unlisted Qualities Mirror, Mirror


  • Talk to Luto Mewrilah in Upper Jeuno (G-8), who asks you to find Laurana's daughter, Palometa, who has blonde hair and is wearing a brown dress and brown cap.
  • Speak with Bheem in Upper Jeuno (F-5), who mentions Eldieme Necropolis.
  • Enter Eldieme Necropolis from (G-8) in Batallia Downs. Walk down the stairs to find a ??? at (F-9).
    • There may be a Gazer nearby, which will aggro a level 52 character, and will also aggro your friend during the battle if it is too close.
    • Your friend will Provoke the quest monster and attempt to tank, so pulling away is not an option without getting enmity back, but the Gazer is seldom too close to become a concern.
  • Examine the ??? for a cutscene that spawns Namorodo. During the battle, your friend appears and assists you.
  • Trusts may be used in the fight if summoned prior to clicking the ???, making it easily soloable at level 30 or possibly lower.
  • After you and your friend defeat the NM, talk to your NPC friend. If you wait too long, your NPC friend will disappear anyway and you will have to fight Namorodo again.
  • Return to Luto Mewrilah for a cutscene.


  • If attempting this in a party, everybody has to fight their own Namorodo, but party members can join in the fight. Your NPC will still show up and fight, and you can still talk to them afterward.
  • If partying through this quest, try taking one Namorodo at a time, as multiple Namorodo can spell disaster, even for a party of 6.
  • Just to clarify this; only those with the quest active that have selected the ??? will spawn multiple Namorodo. (I've seen several new players read this as everyone in the party will get their own regrardless.) If 2 of 5 have not done the Quest and select the ??? then only 2 Namorodo will spawn.
  • If NPC dies, you must zone before being able to pop Namorodo again.
  • This can be very easily soloed by most jobs 40+ even without Trusts.
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Game Description

Laurana (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)
Laurana's daughter has gone missing. She is a young girl with blonde hair, and was wearing a brown dress and a brown cap.