Gil repository

Dead Cells Final DLC - The Loop

Gil repository.png
Gil repository
This rather understated box is
designed to hold up to one billion
gil. It is kept under constant watch
by the Green Thumb Moogle, so
there is no need to worry about
prying hands emptying its contents.
Purchase from Green Thumb Moogle for 5 Shining Stars

This item spawns the Garden Strongbox in Mog Garden, which is simply a storage container for gil.

  • Holds up to 1,000,000,000 gil
  • There is no reward for using the Garden Strongbox or storing large amounts of gil.
  • This item was added to prevent players from accidentally bidding away millions of gil in the auction house.
  • After depositing 10,000,000 gil, the chest transforms into a gold chest.
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