«FFXI-Movie» 0434 San(S) 02 - Gifts of the Griffon

«FFXI-Movie» 0434 San(S) 02 - Gifts of the Griffon

«FFXI-Movie» Gifts of the Griffon (Failure)

«FFXI-Movie» Gifts of the Griffon (Failure)

Game Script

Gifts of the Griffon - Southern San d'Oria (S)
Louxiard: This is Watchdog Alley. Have you come to view the Orc prisoner?

Louxiard points at an Orc, who is being thrown into a cage by 3 Elvaan.

Louxiard: He's right over there. The Royal Knights caught the fiend and threw him in a cage as a warning to his foul brethren.

2 of the Elvaan leave, while the 3rd one starts to talk to the Orc prisoner.

Louxiard: This Orc appears to speak our language surprisingly well. You may approach if you wish.

You walk towards the cage.

Darvylle: (Blast...Someone's coming...)

Darvylle turns abruptly and walks away.

Orcish Captive: W-wait! We're not done here, Darvylle!

Orcish Captive: Hm...?

Orcish Captive: H-hello, kind stranger! Listen to my tale...if it please you!

Orcish Captive: I understand that you may be loath to believe one in my situation...

Orcish Captive: But I am, in actual fact, an Elvaan--a descendant of House Aurchiat.

Orcish Captive: This unlovely form is the result of a witch's curse.

The orc takes something out of his "pocket".

Orcish Captive: Behold this signet ring. It bears the coat of arms of House Aurchiat, and is all I retain of my identity.

The symbol of a unicorn adorns the ring.

Orcish Captive: The Temple Knight here before you was the merciful Sir Darvylle. He chose to believe my tale.

Orcish Captive: He also chose to leave me with a ring of keys--including the one to this cage.

Orcish Captive: Without a thought for his own position, Sir Darvylle is graciously allowing me one last look at the faces of my beloved family...

Orcish Captive: I could not let fear make a mockery of his generosity.

Orcish Captive: Yet when I stretched out a hand to work the lock on the outside of the cage, I was stymied...

Orcish Captive: These cursed Orc arms are as thick as table hams! I could not fit my limbs through the bars!

Orcish Captive: Ugh...

Orcish Captive: I promise not to flee. Will you not open the cage in my stead?

Open the cage?
  • Give me the keys, then. <---Skip the following marked dialogue and continues the cutscene
  • Nice try. <---Repeats the following marked dialogue

Orcish Captive: My dear wife and doting child abide in my estate...

Orcish Captive: If I might peek in...if only from the shadows... I must see my family once more while my heart yet beats!

You make sure that Louxiard is not looking and open the cage.

Orcish Captive: Thank you!

Orcish Captive: I shall return the keys myself. I cannot have the guards believing you aided in my escape.

Orcish Captive: Now I must away before the alarm is raised.

The orc takes something out of his pocket again and vanishes.

Orcish Captive: Blessed child of Altana! If only I could meet you as my true self!

Louxiard: Have a nice conversation with our Orcish "guest"? Where did he learn to speak so eloquently, I wonder...

Gifts of the Griffon - Southern San d'Oria (S)
Zone at least once and return to Louxiard.

Louxiard: That chatty Orc has escaped!

Louxiard: But not before releasing all the other prisoners...

Louxiard: There is evidence at the scene that the Orc was supplied with a pinch of prism powder. We have a traitor in our midst.

Louxiard sighs.

Louxiard: The escape was noticed after the changing of the guard. Could this have happened during my watch...?

Louxiard: We have every able-bodied Temple Knight available assigned to the search,

Louxiard notices 2 Elvaan having a discussion in front of the cages.

Excenmille: If the knights choose to do nothing, then the Young Griffons will take matters into their own hands!

Alphonimile: Excenmille...Leave military matters to your elders. Now, return home and cease this unseemly conduct.

Excenmille: ...!!!

Excenmille: That is your answer to everything, Father! It is the same tired answer you gave when--

Another elvaan boy arrives.

??? : Excenmille! <-- To avoid confusion, that is Rahal (S).

Excenmille: Rahal. What is afoot?

Rahal: Bistillot's work is complete!

Excenmille: Truly!?

Rahal: Yes! We must make haste to the meeting place.

Excenmille: (turning to his father) It shall be the Young Griffons who end this war! The elders of this kingdom couldn't be trusted to lace their own boots!

The two boys leave.

Louxiard: Who is that, you ask? That, my friend, is Count Alphonimile M Aurchiat, a Royal Knight and lord of the territory of Norvallen.

Alphonimile: (talking to himself) I have only myself to blame for the behavior of my son and heir...

Alphonimile: Ever since the incident when the Bloodwing Horde enclosed the capital in their merciless grip, the streets have grown increasingly dangerous.

Alphonimile: Our high-ranking knights are being targeted by Tonberry assassins. Why, General Mouchand of the Temple Knights was slain not three days ago.

Alphonimile: And now we have this incident with prisoners running free. The security of San d'Oria is compromised. We must all be on our guard.

Louxiard: The count has not had time to rest since the Battle of Jugner.

Louxiard: If he had but mobilized a larger force during that battle, the Knights of Norvallen might still be with us today...

Louxiard: And with the loss of General Mouchand, Count Aurchiat will have a hard time coordinating the actions of the Royal and Temple Knights.

Louxiard: It also appears we face a cunning adversary in the Orcs, if that prison break is truly of their making.

Louxiard: Perhaps the Young Griffons will become our last bastion of hope, after all... I jest, of course.

Louxiard: Who are the Young Griffons? Ah, merely a name those enthusiastic youths have given to themselves.

Louxiard: They employ the small courtyard further into Watchdog Alley as a meeting place. I hear they don't appreciate intrusions into their "territory."

Gifts of the Griffon - Southern San d'Oria (S)
Head to the Young Griffons meeting place and talk to Rholont

Rholont: Hold where you are, intruder! This is the territory of the Young Griffons! State your business, or begone!

???: (out of an orcish warmachine) Do you mind, Rholont? You're awfully loud, and it's very hard to concentrate... <-- This time its Bistillot.

???: Now, if I push this while twisting that...

Rholont: Th-the captain and lieutenant have returned!

Excenmille: Young Griffons! Fall in!

Everyone gathers around.

Rholont: (saluting) Captain Excenmille! Lieutenant Rahal! Welcome back from your mission!

Excenmille: At ease, Sentinel Rholont.

Excenmille: Engineer Bistillot!

Bistillot: Some quiet, if you please, Captain.

Excenmille: Come out of there and let's see this--

Rahal: (while staring at you) Excenmille...

Excenmille: Hm? What is it?

Rahal: We have an intruder.

Excenmille: Why is there an elder here!?

Excenmille: Sentinel Rholont! You have not forgotten the third rule, I trust?

Rholont: (saluting) No, sir!

Rholont: The third rule of the Young Griffon charter states that no elder may be permitted entrance into our territory!

Excenmille: Then why have you been remiss in your duty!?

Excenmille: You there!

Excenmille: I know not your business here, but you are trespassing on Young Griffon land. Begone at once!

Rholont: Captain Excenmille!

Excenmille: Now what!?

Rholont: Royal Squire Altennia approaches!

Altennia: Well, well. Are we all playing nicely together?

Altennia: Your vigilance is to be commended, Sentinel Rholont.

Rholont: (saluting) You honor me, Squire Altennia!

Altennia: Hello? Is this a new member of your merry band, Excenmille?

Excenmille: This cad!? Most certainly not! She is trespassing in our territory!

Altennia: Is that so?

Altennia: Greetings, I am Altennia of House Borel, a Royal Squire.

Altennia: And you are...?

Altennia: A pleasure to meet you, <player>.

Excenmille: Squire Altennia. Please interrogate the intruder elsewhere!

Altennia: Very well, no need to pull rank, Captain.

Altennia: Shall we speak where we shan't disturb our brave young knights?

Altennia: It appears some matter weighs heavily on your mind.

Excenmille: Let the War Council come to order!

You tell Altennia what happened.

Altennia: You were taken in by an Orc's trickery and aided in his escape?

Altennia: ...

Altennia: I find myself inclined to believe you. No one could invent such an unlikely tale.

Altennia: An Orc bearing a unicorn signet ring and claiming to belong to House Aurchiat...? And then there's the matter of Temple Knight Darvylle and his ring of keys.

Altennia: But how could this Orc have the signet ring of House Aurchiat?

Altennia: It is carried on the person of Count Alphonimile at all times...

Altennia: And why would Sir Darvylle...? I think I have an idea.

Altennia: Would you listen to my request, <player>?

Altennia: I want you to act as a guardian for these children.

Altennia: With all the strange happenings about the city these days, I fear for their safety.

Altennia: I would prefer to shoulder that responsibility myself, but my duties keep me busy.

Altennia: In return, I shall keep your part in the prison break just between you and me.

Altennia: Young Griffons! I told <player> you would allow her to join your order.

Excenmille: Y-you what!? Squire Altennia! This was not discussed! I shan't allow it!

Rholont: I support your decision, Captain Excenmille!

Rahal: As do I. This flies in the face of everything for which the Young Griffons stand.

Bistillot: We are unanimous. The risks of embracing an untested stranger into our order are astro--

Altennia: Pish-posh! Now stop being so unfriendly and welcome your new member.

Altennia: Now, I must return to my post. I do not want to hear of any bickering while I am gone!

Excenmille: You cannot do this! Take this intruder with you!

Rahal: What do we do, Captain?

Excenmille: ...

Excenmille: Engineer Bistillot. Is your project truly complete?

Bistillot: Yes, Captain. I had to leave some of the finer details to an expert, but now that I think about it, the construction should not have been so complicated.

Bistillot: The shell, to start with--

Excenmille: All I wanted to know was if it was finished or not!

Bistillot: I know, Captain. I was merely testing your patience.

Bistillot: You'll find the plumes d'or inside that box.

Excenmille: Excellent.

Excenmille: Intruder! Ah, I mean, <player>!

Excenmille: I have devised a way to test your suitability for the Young Griffons.

Rahal: Are you sure about this, Captain?

Excenmille: Positive! If this new recruit can follow my orders to the letter, I may just find a place for her at the next council meeting.

Excenmille: Listen up, recruit! I have a task for you!

Excenmille: You are to distribute these plumes d'or to the elders we name. They are simply...good luck charms.

Excenmille: Sentinel Rholont. Read aloud the names of our targets.

Rholont: Sir! Yes, sir!

Rholont: Ahem... The targets are as follows.

Rholont: Count Alphonimile M Aurchiat of the Royal Knights!

Rholont: However, he is quite busy, so it is permitted to leave his charm with City Guard Louxiard.

Rholont: Continuing on! Iron Ram Captain Rongelouts N Distaud!

Rholont: Royal Knight Sabiliont!

Rholont: Royal Guard Lieutenant Phillieulais! Hmm, he is on field duty, but can be reached through Royal Knight Machionage!

Rholont: Temple Knight Darvylle! Out of the city? Then you are to leave it with Temple Knight Loillie!

Rholont: And lastly, Temple Knight Elnonde and Temple Knight Illeuse!

Rholont: Seven elders in total!

Excenmille: You heard him, recruit! Deliver those charms! On the double!

You obtain 7 plumes d'or!

Gifts of the Griffon - Southern San d'Oria (S)
Delivering the plumes d'or.

Note: The order of the dialogue may change depending on the order of who you trade to.

Machionage: This charm is to be delivered to Lieutenant Phillieulais? I shall hold onto it until he returns from the battlefield.

Louxiard: You wish me to hand this to Count Aurchiat? Very well. The captain of the Young Griffons must worry for his father's safety...

Illeuse: The Young Griffons sent you? Ah, I see. A gesture of support from one knightly order to another. The Temple Knights must strive to meet their high expectations!

Rongelouts N Distaud: A good luck charm from the Young Griffons?

Rongelouts N Distaud: I need nothing more than my sword arm to protect me from harm! And you can pass that on to those impudent young maggots!

Rongelouts N Distaud: Hmph, I suppose it was offered in good faith. I shall take it, then.

Sabiliont: A charm from the Young Griffons? Splendid! I shall wear it into battle with pride. Send my thanks to those thoughtful lads!

Elnonde: From the Young Griffons...? What a compassionate gesture. May Altana watch over their gentle hearts...

Loillie: Ah, what a pretty...feather. And this is for Sir Darvylle, you say? He will be thrilled, I am sure...

Gifts of the Griffon - Southern San d'Oria (S)
Returning to the Young Griffons

Rholont: How fares your mission? I shall stand fast until Captain Excenmille arrives!

Excenmille: Is everyone assembled? And what of the recruit...?

Excenmille: Hmm. So, you completed your mission?

Excenmille: Very well, <player>! You have earned the right to attend our next council meeting. As much as I loathe this decision, a knight's word is his honor.

Excenmille: And this is from Squire Altennia. I know not its use.

Excenmille: Attention! The next War Council will take place here at the usual time!

Excenmille: Dismissed!

Obtained: Deathstone.

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