Start NPC Louxiard - Southern San d'Oria (S) (G-7)
Requirements Must have signed up for Campaign (Any Nation), level 10
Repeatable No
Reward Deathstone
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Snake on the Plains (Windurst)
Steamed Rams (San d'Oria)
The Fighting Fourth (Bastok)
Claws of the Griffon


  • Note: To start the next quest Claws of the Griffon requires waiting one Vana'diel day after finishing this quest.
  • Go west past the Portcullis to talk to Louxiard in Watchdog Alley (G-7) Southern San d'Oria (S) for a cutscene.
    • Note: You may choose either option during the cutscene. It will not affect the outcome. However, the quest will not proceed until you select the first option.
  • Zone out and return to Louxiard at (G-7) again for another cutscene.
  • Go northwest past the cages to Rholont by a tree in the grass courtyard at (E-7) for a cutscene. Be sure to have inventory room to receive 7 Plume d'or (1 slot, they stack). You will be asked to distribute Plumes d'or to the elders they name:
    • Head toward the west end of the map to (C-6) Machionage at Count Caffaule's Manor.
    • Back east to (G-7) Louxiard again.
    • Back towards the middle of the map to (H-9) Illeuse as you head toward the Chocobo stables.
    • Go down toward the Chocobo stables to (I-11) Sabiliont by the black chocobo.
    • Back up toward the middle of the map to (I-9) Rongelouts N Distaud
    • Go east to (K-9) Elnonde by the big crossbow and tent.
    • Further east past the Portcullis to tunnel-stairs at Cavalry Way to get up on the wall to (K-9) Loillie.
  • Return to Rholont to finish the quest.

Game Description

Excenmille (S) (Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria (S))
The Young Griffons have made good luck charms for their elders. Deliver the charms as your first duty to the order.

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