Start NPC Amaura (A) - Base Camp Abyssea - La Theine
Items Needed KeyItemSunbeam fragment
Repeatable Yes, after zoning
Reward Success:
120 Cruor
60 cruor


  • Talk to Amaura (A), who requests a KeyItemSunbeam fragment.
  • From Veridical Conflux #07, head west to the southeast-most corner of (J-6) (against the cliff edge) and find the spot Jagged Cliff (daytime only, 6:00~18:00). Complete the minigame 'Bungee Jumping' to acquire a KeyItemSunbeam fragment. Grab the fragment a little later when you're bouncing back up to successfully grab it.
    • You are allowed only three attempts to snatch the Sunbeam Fragment.
  • Return to Amaura (A) for your reward (even if you failed).
    • A Hi-Reraiser is given after every success. Hi-Reraisers are Trans-rare and therefore you must somehow dispose of any previous Hi-Reraiser in your inventory before completing this quest.
    • The KeyItemSunbeam fragment remains with you if you have to zone and get rid of a previous Hi-Reraiser.
    • A sturdy pyxis with a status enhancement has appeared on first-time success.

Game Description

Amaura (A) - Base Camp Abyssea - La Theine
Amaura has exhausted her supply of the key ingredient required to concoct a vital medication. Find and bring her the sunbeam fragment she needs before the survivors fall to illness!
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