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Start NPC Oggbi - Port Bastok (E-6)
Requirements Monk 40+
Items Needed Pickaxe
Repeatable Yes, after erasing AF memory.
Reward Beat Cesti
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None The First Meeting

Gusgen Mines


  • Go due north across the first map and down the stairs. Use the western door to enter the second map.
  • Go to the room in the northwest corner and follow the corridor that runs on the west side from this room to the next room.
  • Take the passage in the NW corner, which is in the SW corner of (F-5). Follow it down.
  • Go to the second room. The ??? is located on the left side of the room in the NW corner.

Game Description

Oggbi (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)
You are to go to the Gusgen Mines and pass the same trial as Oggbi's former student, Cornelia. Use a pickaxe on a certain hole in the mines to lure the Wandering Ghost out. Defeat it and bring back its "miner's pendant."