Invisible (Status Effect).png Gestation is a status effect obtained upon entering an area as a Monipulator, respawning after death as a Monipulator, entering or logging into a Belligerency zone as a Gladiator, or logging in as a Monipulator in any zone other than the Feretory.

The purpose of gestation is to allow a Monipulator or a Gladiator to reach a desirable location before becoming detectable by enemies, because the Odyssean Passage causes a Monipulator to spawn at a random map coordinate. If it is not cancelled, Gestation lasts 18 hours, giving Monipulators plenty of time to move to a desirable location.

Note that Gestation status can be reacquired by logging out and logging back in, so if you desire to travel a great distance through a zone to switch camps, you may want to do this for a speed boost.


Gestation is a combination of the following:


How to remove the effect

  • Wait for the effect to wear off
  • Remove manually

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