Geomantic Reservoirs are locations scattered across Vana'diel. A Geomancer who interacts with one of these spots after learning the appropriate indicolure spell will learn the geocolure version of that spell. Indicolure spells can be purchased from Ishvad and Eukalline on the Western Adoulin waterfront.

It is possible to also obtain a skill up from these reservoirs when a spell is learned. When you see a blank line after confirming "The arcane energies begin to course within your veins" appears, wait until a Weakness Blue.png appears above your character's head. Once you see the Weakness Blue.png appear, immediately press enter. You will receive a skill up depending on your timing, up to a maximum of a 0.9 Geomancy skill gain.


Spell Zone Level Position Notes
Geo-Poison East Ronfaure (I-7) 5 Near A waterfall drop-off.
Geo-Voidance Tahrongi Canyon (I-7) 8 In the center of the Mountain cluster, south of the Crag of Mea
Geo-Precision Konschtat Highlands (F/G-6) 14 West of the Crag of Dem, In the middle of 3 rocks.
Geo-Regen La Theine Plateau (K-5)/6) 19 Use the ramp at (H-7 North side) (This would be the same one for Conflux #4, if you were in Abyssea - La Theine)
Geo-Attunement Qufim Island (I-9) 20 Located near the bone wall in the tunnel from Port Jeuno, will most likely be guarded by the Dancing Weapons
Geo-Focus Gusgen Mines (G-8) 26 Located in the West room filled with Funguar
Geo-Barrier Batallia Downs (D-7) 32 Located on top of the Mount entrance to the Eldieme Necropolis
Geo-Refresh La Theine Plateau (H-10) 34 Quickly accessible via La Theine Plateau Waypoint if you don't have then you must travel through the Ordelle's Caves and use exit 3 back into La Theine Plateau. Will pass by Bombast
Geo-CHR Lower Delkfutt Tower (E-8) Floor 2 34 Take the left fork from the entrance and proceed to Floor 2.
Geo-MND Rolanberry Fields (J-10) 37 Located near a small lake (Path starts @ NE L-8)
Geo-Fury Sauromugue Champaign (K-6) 38 Found in a crater, near where Deadly Dodo spawns.
Geo-INT Beaucedine Glacier (H-9) 40 Located next to the lake from the Outpost warp.
Geo-AGI Castle Oztroja (H-8) Map 7 43 From the entrance, head up the stairs at J-8. On Map 3, go around the upper walkway to the exit at G-7 to the outdoor area. The reservoir is directly west from where you came from (Southeast corner of H-8).
Geo-Fend Davoi (J-11) 44 Located at the southern end of the river.
Geo-VIT Garlaige Citadel (H-9) 46 Behind the Fetid Flesh that is behind the first banishing gate, where a Treasure Chest would be.
Geo-DEX Behemoth's Dominion (E-8) 49 Use the southern most route and it will be hidden behind a pillar. The quickest way to get there is to use the Unity Concord warp by selecting "Subjugation: Sovereign Behem." quest. You'll land at F-7, just North of the Geomantic Reservior.
Geo-Acumen Beaucedine Glacier (J-6) 50 Next to the lake, heading towards Fei'Yin
Geo-STR Crawlers' Nest (F-6) (Map 2) 52 Either take the Void Watch warp and zone into Crawler's Nest or use the the Survival Guide and travel to F-6.
Geo-Slow Beadeaux (K-8) 52 Northwest (top left) corner of K-8, in the middle of four stone pillars, near some Broo.
Geo-Torpor Xarcabard (F-7) 56 On the cliff side overlooking the Uleguerand Range Zone
Geo-Slip Eldieme Necropolis (J-11) 62 Use entrance number 3 (H-7) in Batallia Downs and head south (J-11). Located in the NW corner.
Geo-Languor Bostaunieux Oubliette (I-11) Map 2 68 OLD Sewer Syrup spawn Room. Aggro for level 99.
Geo-Paralysis Fei'Yin (H-5) 72 Lower Map, right before tunnel heading to Cloister of Frost
Geo-Vex Upper Delkfutt's Tower (G-7) on Floor 12 74 Northwest room (Use Home Point #1 (H-9) for Upper Delkfutt's Tower).
Geo-Frailty Ceizak Battlegrounds (E-8)/(F-8) 80 North of Bivouac #3, near Resplendent Luckybugs
Geo-Wilt Yahse Hunting Grounds (K-7) 86 North of Frontier Station, on northern beach
Geo-Gravity Foret de Hennetiel (I-7) 92 Southwest of Frontier Station, SW corner of (I-7) near the water
Geo-Malaise Morimar Basalt Fields (J-6) 92 North of Bivouac #1, in the middle of (J-6) near the wall
Geo-Haste Marjami Ravine (J-6) 97 Northwest of Frontier Station, on the same level as the Bud of the Fragrant Breeze Ergon Locus ("Climbing" skill needed), along the stream.
Geo-Fade Morimar Basalt Fields (G-8) 98 Head North from Bivouac #3 taking path down to lower level, then head west to the far side of hot spring near fissure in cliff-face