Damages fixed damage to players in an area of effect. Additional effect: Bind + StunExclamation


  • Family: Odin
  • Type: Physical?
  • Can be dispelled: N/A
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: Ignores shadows
  • Range: Unknown
  • Notes: Odin uses this ability every time he loses 25% of health. Equivalent of 10000 Needles. Before using this move, he has a monologue: "The true power of Gungnir cometh not from the blade herself, but from the countless souls it hath sent to the corpse-halls of the Underworld!"

Historical Background

In Norse mythology, Geirrothr (ability) (more commonly writen Geirröd) can be linked to two things in Norse Mythology.

The first, and the one that deals heavily with Odin, is found in the Grímnismál (meaning the sayings of Grímnir) and is concerning King Geirröth. The Grímnismál is spoken through the voice of Grímnir, which is one of the many guises of Odin, who is (through an error) tortured by King Geirröth. This was to prove a fatal mistake since Odin causes the king to fall upon his own sword. In the body of the poem, Odin describes at great length the cosmogony of the worlds, the dwelling places of its inhabitants, and talks about himself and his many guises.

The second refers to Geirröd the jötunn (a giant) who is the father of the giantesses Gjálp and Greip.

A further, and more remote, possibility is that Geirrothr (ability) might be a corruption of Geirlöðnir or Geirölnir which means spear inviter or spear charger respectively. These are other names given to Odin and which make reference to his Gungnir.

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