«FFXI-Movie» 0566 ACP 04 - Gatherer of Light (II)

«FFXI-Movie» 0566 ACP 04 - Gatherer of Light (II)

Game Script

Gatherer of Light (II) - Qufim Island
Seed Mandragora: The Seed Crystal...its echo...they did not arise from nothingness... They were drawn to this a song... A song...that rings out ceaselessly...from within a mother's heart...

Seed Mandragora: you not see? You are dealing...with powers...far beyond your control.

???: The "Seed Crystal," eh? So that oversized slab of rock has a name.

Aldo: I had a hunch that following that crystal would lead me somewhere. Looks like this is where things start to get interesting...

Aldo: Well met, Player Name. I see you've still got a nose for trouble.

Aldo: Now what in Altana's good name is going on here?

Aldo: And what were those overgrown bean sprouts blathering on about? A song within a mother's heart?

Young Aldo: Ah. So you must be Aldo...

Young Aldo: Yes... You have your sister's eyes.

Aldo: What!?

Aldo: Boy! What did you say just now!?

Young Aldo: Finally we meet...Uncle.

Young Aldo: Mother named me Aldo too. After you...

Aldo: Just one minute, kid! Are you saying you mom is my sister!?

Aldo: That you're...Emeline's son?

Aldo: My sister...still lives!?

Young Aldo: I'm afraid we've no time to celebrate this family reunion now, Uncle.

Young Aldo: We must unearth and release the antiphon...and quickly.

Young Aldo: Before the ancient echo reduces our world to so many pieces of shattered crystal.

Young Aldo: Luckily, you just may prove to be the key to it all...Uncle Aldo.

Young Aldo: Yes. You just might be able to break the resonance between Mother and the Seed Crystal.

Aldo: What nonsense is this!? What does Emeline have to do with this so-called Seed Crystal!? You expect me to believe this childish fantasy?

Young Aldo: A fantasy? I think not, Uncle. No...there can be no doubt.

Young Aldo: Can you not hear it? A prayer of life... Yes, this world must be matter how great the cost.

Young Aldo: If you wish to save Mother...

Young Aldo: If you care for the sister you once knew, make haste for Fei'Yin.

Young Aldo: The servants of the Seed Crystal will not hesitate to put their dark schemes into action.

Aldo: Hold it right there, boy!

Aldo: I must know...where is Emeline!? What's been done to her!? Young Aldo: Oh, you'll have your answers soon dear Uncle.

Aldo: What the--? Cursed brat! Seed Crystals and ancient songs!? This is all patently absurd!

Aldo: But if the boy speaks true, and my sister truly still lives...

Aldo: For all these years, I thought I had lost you forever that day. By the goddess, I won't let them take you from me again. Emeline...

Aldo: Fei'Yin, he said? I'd best be on my way.

Aldo: And Player Name, I trust you to keep quiet about what you've seen here today.

Aldo: If these unfounded claims of the world's end reached the three nations, we'd have nothing short of mass panic on our hands.

Aldo: I intend to uncover what information I can, and suggest you do the same. But until we find out if the boy's words hold water, we're not to speak a word of this--not even to one another.

Aldo: Until we meet again...

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