Mission Name Gatherer of Light (I)
Number 3
Level 40
Items Needed KeyItemBowl of bland Goblin salad
KeyItemSeedspall Roseum
KeyItemJug of greasy Goblin juice
KeyItemSeedspall Caerulum
KeyItemChunk of smoked Goblin grub
KeyItemSeedspall Viridis
Repeatable Yes
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The Echo Awakens Gatherer of Light (II)


Batallia Downs

Rolanberry Fields

Sauromugue Champaign


  • Once you have all three Seedspall key items, return to the ??? at (G-6) on Qufim Island and examine it for a cutscene.


  • Each key item is obtained from killing goblins in the respective area.(see testimonials)
  • It is possible to obtain the goblin food key items as a Monipulator.
  • If you used the food key items to obtain a KeyItemViridian Key earlier in the day, you cannot spawn the NMs or receive the Seedspall key items upon their defeat. You must wait until after JP midnight before attempting to fight the NMs.
  • When an enemy is defeated by a member of your party in the area, there is a chance that you will obtain the food key item. You do not need to be in EXP range to get the key item; you can be anywhere on the area and have friends killing everything for you. This is not 100% if one member gets the drop; other members may not.
  • The NMs for these fights can be easily soloed by any 75 job, and probably a fair degree lower than that. Each also uses the one-hour ability for its job.
  • Each party member needs the food-related key item to receive the Seedspall key item, although the NM only needs to be fought once per-alliance.
    • Party members can be anywhere in the area and obtain the Seedspall, assuming they meet the requirements.
  • ???s repop one minute after the NM dies.
  • Pop items stay in possession after the NM dies, but cannot be used to pop the NM again after you have received the Seedspall key item.

Game Description

Mission Orders
When the echo runs amok, the key to Vana'diel's salvation lies with three unusual stones that have found their way into the hands of some overly curious Goblins...
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