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Garrison - Till the Last Breath
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This time the Dreamers have decided to try their hand at Garrison, an exercise that requires them to defend a number of allies from a sudden beastmen assault on an outpost. To succeed, they must hold off wave after wave of bloodthirsty attackers. So, are the Dreamers up to the challenge?

Participating Party: The Dreamers


Selfeilliget (AKA Sel)

SAM Lv30/WAR Lv15

The leader of the Dreamers. Has some management issues.


Abalard (AKA Aba)

NIN Lv30/WAR Lv15

Fulfills his role admirably, but can occasionally be over-the-top.


Feneinei (AKA Fen)

MNK Lv30/WAR Lv15

The only reliable mage. Lifeline of the party.


Yai (AKA Yai)

BRD Lv29/WHM Lv14

Novice adventurer. Still unaccustomed to party battles.


Bernwart (AKA Bern)

WHM Lv30/BLM Lv15

Troublemaker extraordinaire.


Birp (AKA Birp)

PLD Lv30/WAR Lv15

Rookie reporter. Author of this article.

An icy wind swept over Qufim Island. I warmed my chapped hands with steaming white breath as I hurried to the lake where my companions awaited.

Birp: Is this everyone?

Yai: Nah, we're still waiting for pumpkinhead.

Bern: I'm here! I'm here! I forgot to switch off Invisible T_T

After making sure everyone was present and accounted for, we made our way to the entrance of Delkfutt's Tower.

Fen: This is where the outpost should be.

Sel: OK. We all ready to rock? I'm trading the ram leather missive.

Pitoire, R.K. : It will not be long before a caravan of traders in search of new trade routes arrives here at the outpost in Qufim. If they were to be injured by the enemy, the economy of San d'Oria could fall into chaos.We request your assistance in protecting the prosperity of our kingdom!

Birp: Protect the traders, got it. Now what?

Garrison - Till the Last Breath1

This is no place for amateurs!
Back off before you get hurt!

The answer to my question materialized almost immediately. A cadre of giants had rushed the outpost and was attacking the hapless traders.

Aba: Whoa! We got company!

Bern: 1st Heavy Swing TP:46%

Aba: Draw them away from the greengrocers!

Bern: Who's doing SC with me?

Fen: Fen breaks out her Super Combo!

Yai: Cure II -> Birp

We managed to take down the first wave of attackers but one of the traders was already heavily wounded.

Fen: This one's on his last legs already.

As if sensing our momentary distraction, a second wave of enemies appeared and charged into our midst. Things were not going well, and the untrained actions of the traders were doing nothing to help the situation.

Fen: Great, these idiots are using area attacks. Now we can't put the giants to sleep.

Yai: Cure II -> Abalard

Aba: Bern! Do some healing, already!

Bern: No time for that! Banishga! Banishga! Banishga!

Garrison - Till the Last Breath2

The outpost has been overrun by giants.
Could this be the end?

The Dreamers still had plenty of fight left, but the traders were falling one by one to the overwhelming strength of our gigantic foes. Eventually an area attack claimed the life of the remaining civilian, and we slumped in total defeat.

Birp: There goes the last of them, lol.

Aba: Man, that was over quick.

Sel: Too quick.

Fen: We stink.

Yai: What? It's over? T_T

Fen: Looks like we blew it. We need to

work on our strategy.

Sel: Never mind. On to the next outpost!

Several hours later, we were gathered before the outpost north of the town of Selbina. We had left the swirling snow of Qufim behind to brave the scorching sands of the Valkurm Dunes.

Sel: Okay, people! This time we're gonna do it right! Our basic strategy is the same: lure the beastmen away from the outpost and keep 'em away from the traders. Oh, and make sure you stop any area attacks from going off.

Garrison - Till the Last Breath3

Fen: If you see a monster start an area attack, try using Lullaby or Shield Bash. Just remember: don't panic!

Birp: Gotcha.

Yai: NP.

With our change in scenery came a new type of enemy. The outpost in the dunes had an unfriendly visit from some Goblins.

Garrison - Till the Last Breath4

Provoking the Goblins proves
to be an effective tactic.

Fen: You're playing with me now, Goblin Swordmaker!

Bern: 1st Heavy Swing TP:0%

Aba: I've got things covered over here.

Yai: You are feeling ve-ry sle-epy. (Lullaby)

Sel: Nice one, Yai!

Fen: The Gobs are getting too close to the traders!

We dispatched the first group of attackers without a hitch, but things were far from over. Wave after wave of Goblins charged

the outpost, slowly but surely depleting our reserves of HP and MP. We were pushed to the limits of exhaustion, but finally the stream of enemies seemed to come to an end.

Birp: Is it over?

Sel: Did we clear Garrison?

Fen: We did it!

Aba: Wait! Fen, behind you!

Our joy was short-lived. A Goblin Swindler, the leader of the assault force, had appeared with his henchmen.

Aba: There's no end to these guys!

Fen: We need a Curaga!

Aba: C'mon, Bern! Lay some of that healing on us!

Aba: One trader left.

Sel: You gotta be kidding me.

Fen: I'm toast. It's up to you, Sel!

It was only a matter of time before the carnage would be complete. But as all seemed lost, Sel felled the Goblin Swindler with a final mighty blow.

Bern: Yes! We win! lol

Fen: But at what cost...?

Thus ended our Garrison experience.

Only a single trader had survived, and of the Dreamers only Sel and myself (Birp) remained standing. It was a high price to pay for victory. Sel swore we would take revenge in the near future, but I doubt we will fare much better than we did today.

I just hope that this account proves of some use to those who have yet to take part in Garrison...

[[{{SUBST:Garrison - Till the Last Breath}}|   ]]

Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 02

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