«FFXI-Movie» 0282 CoP 8-1 - The Garden of Antiquity

Game Script

Garden of Antiquity (pt.1) - Al'Taieu
Nag'molada: Incredible...

Nag'molada: Al'Taieu...
You were meant to be impossible to find...

Nag'molada: Ahahaha!
Who would have thought the plan to open the gate of the gods would succeed!

Nag'molada: Al'Taieu!
Long have I yearned to behold your magnificent spires!

Nag'molada: Why...?
Why can't I hear the voices?

Nag'molada: Why do I not hear the whispers of the Zilartian people or the Dawn Maiden?

Nag'molada: Silence!

Nag'molada: Your unruly thoughts are clouding my mind!

Nag'molada: !?

Nag'molada: So, the rest of you were drawn into this world as well.
How inconvenient...

Nag'molada: A visit to the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi should bring some interesting encounters.
Perhaps the Dawn Maiden is there...

Chapter 8: Emptiness Bleeds

On to Al'Taieu (pt.1) - Sealion's Den
Sueleen: That ship of yours made its way back here of its own accord.

Must be that "autopilot" thing that Prishe was talking about.

Sueleen: I've resupplied the airship, so you can take off at any time.
Let me know when you're ready to board.

Garden of Antiquity (pt.2) - Al'Taieu
Ulmia: Player name!

Ulmia: You were brought to this peculiar realm as well?

Ulmia: Are you injured?
You have been treated terribly...

Louverance: I hear a voice calling to me...

Jabbos: It be coming...from beyond...the gate...

Louverance: The portal appears to be locked.
If we are to believe the talk of those beings, this path leads to the palace of the Zilartian king.

Louverance: One of the inhabitants here spoke of a girl matching Prishe's description heading this way.
If we can gain an audience with the king, we should learn exactly what's going on here.

Louverance: !?
This place lies beyond the Gate of the Gods?
Did the ancients truly cross that legendary border!?

Ulmia: Let us not be so hasty in our assumptions.
This is indeed a beautiful land...

Ulmia: However, I cannot believe this is the Paradise of peace and love spoken of in legend.
We have already been set upon by vicious beasts.

Shikaree Z: And if what Bahamut says is true, the Keeper of the Apocalypse lurks somewhere in this rrrealm.

Ulmia: If Prishe was so intent on gaining entry to the palace, then the keeper will most likely be found inside...

Jabbos: Nag'molada...has also...entered the...palace...
We proceed...

Jabbos: This...gate...must opening...mechanism... We...should...look around...

Louverance: Only...

Louverance: I worry that the Keeper of the Apocalypse will be beyond our ability.

Jabbos: you mean...?

Louverance: Player name.
The four sources of light you acquired...

Louverance: Were they not all taken from you by that blackheart, Nag'molada?

Was the light taken from you?
Yes, it is gone. <----- Chose this option!
No, the light remains.

Ulmia: Are you certain?
I feel that the light has not abandoned us.

Ulmia: If we all stand together in body and spirit, there may still be a chance...

Was the light taken from you?
Yes, it is gone.
No, the light remains. <----- Chose this option!

Ulmia: You mean to say that the light has not left us completely?

Ulmia: Then if we all stand together in body and spirit, there may still be a chance...

Jabbos: I intention...of joining forces...with Nag'molada...

Louverance: And I would prefer to keep some distance from Lord Tenzen.
Do you not agree, Lord/Lady Player name?

Ulmia: ...

Shikaree Z: First we have to find a way to open this gate.
Let's get moving.

Garden of Antiquity (pt.3) - Al'Taieu
Makki-Chebukki: You!

Have you come to punish us!?

Mete out some punishment?
Time for payback... <----- Chose this option!
Let's be civilized...
Mete out some punishment?
Time for payback...
Let's be civilized... <----- Chose this option!

Makki-Chebukki: H-h-hold on a second!
Time out! Time out!

Makki-Chebukki: It's not our fault!
Lord Tenzen lied to us!

Makki-Chebukki: And if you don't follow your samurai master's orders, you have to commit ritual suicide.
It's true! I read it in a book somewhere!

Makki-Chebukki: So...

Makki-Chebukki: I suppose you want to get into the palace, huh?

Makki-Chebukki: Well, we want to get in there, too.
This voice in my head is driving me crazy!

Makki-Chebukki: Let's let bygones be bygones and work together, okay?
We've ditched the samurai life, anyway.

Makki-Chebukki: Getting past that gate is more complicated than just releasing the lock on this southern tower.

Makki-Chebukki: If you really want to know how to open the gate, you better take a look at the other towers as well.

Garden of Antiquity (pt.4) - Al'Taieu
Kukki-Chebukki: Well done!

Kukki-Chebukki: Makki told me all about our deal!
You wanna get in to see the king, right?

Kukki-Chebukki: Just so's you know, the positions of princes and princess have already been filled!

Kukki-Chebukki: Didn't you know?
The Zilartian king used to have two sons and a daughter.

Kukki-Chebukki: They've been out of the picture for ten thousand years now, so he must be feeling pretty lonely.

Kukki-Chebukki: After all that time, he's probably a few jewels short of a crown, too, if you know what I mean.
I doubt the king'll notice if we're a little shorter than he remembers.

Kukki-Chebukki: We might even take you on as a servant if you're lucky!
C'mon, time's a wastin'! Off to the southern tower!

Kukki-Chebukki: Mind your manners around the future princess!

Garden of Antiquity (pt.5) - Al'Taieu
Cherukiki: I thought minced Tarutaru was back on the menu for a second there...

Cherukiki: You have our royal gratitude.

Cherukiki: Prince Kukki has informed me of the situation, and I commend you on your wise decision.

Cherukiki: We shall be sure to put in a good word for you with His Majesty.

Cherukiki: I have my brothers on standby.
Once I give the word, we'll hit all the buttons at the same time!

Makki-Chebukki: Did we do it!?

Kukki-Chebukki: Is it open!?

Cherukiki: I think it opened!
Here we come, Royal Daddy!

Garden of Antiquity - Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
Makki-Chebukki: Open the gates!

The elder prince has returned!

Kukki-Chebukki: Lower the drawbridge!
The younger prince is home!

Cherukiki: Prepare the banquet table!
The princess is starved!

Louverance: Another obstacle in our path?

Ulmia: What mischief are you three up to this time?

Shikaree Z: I can hear it clearly now.
The source must be beyond this gate.

Can you hear it?
Loud and clear. <----- Chose this option!
Hear what?

Shikaree Z: Our contact with the mothercrystal must have altered our senses in some way.
That would explain this ethereal voice...

Can you hear it?
Loud and clear.
Hear what? <----- Chose this option!

Shikaree Z: You can't hear it?
A voice is calling to us, suffocating in its insistence.

Jabbos: It is...telling pass through...this gate...

Louverance: A portal of this magnificence can only lead to the audience chamber of the Zilartian king.

Ulmia: Could this soul-stirring voice belong to the king himself?

Ulmia: If so, then why does the gate remain closed?
Are the children of Vana'diel not welcome here?

Ulmia: Oh, Player name.
Whatever are we to do?

Ulmia: Cardinal Mildaurion gifted us with a ring that has the power to transport a person directly to Tavnazia...

Ulmia: But I have no intention of returning until we discover the way to open this gate. Perhaps it may be of some small use to you, Player name.

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