Mission Name Garden of Antiquity
Number PM8-1
Title Granted Seeker of the Light
Reward Tavnazian Ring
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The Warrior's Path A Fate Decided



  • After you arrive at Al'Taieu you will receive the title "Seeker of the Light" and key item Light of Al'Taieu, and your mission log changes to Chapter 8. Make your way to the spires you can see on the horizon.
  • Head to a large bridge leading up to the Celestial Nexus and check the Crystalline Field door (H-11) for a cutscene.
  • After the cutscene you need to visit three Rubious Crystals. The first crystal is located at a small tower south of the bridge with the Crystalline Field. Checking each crystal will spawn three Ru'aern NMs, each with their own job and appropriate 2-hours.

Southern Tower (H-13)

  • Spawns (from left to right) White Mage, Warrior, and Samurai Ru'aern.
  • Check the Rubious Crystal after they are dead for a cutscene.
    • If someone forgot to get the first cutscene, they can run back to the Crystalline Field at (H-11), get that cutscene, return here, and get this cutscene without having to fight again.

Western Tower (D-10)

Eastern Tower (L-10)

  • Spawns (from left to right) Black Mage, Paladin, and Monk Ru'aern.
  • Check the Rubious Crystal after they are dead for a cutscene.
  • It'd be a good idea to aggro and kill the Om'phuabo (sharks) surrounding this tower. Better to kill before than to have them aggro once you've spawned the NMs.

Completing the Mission

  • Once you visit all three towers and get the three cutscenes there, head back to the Crystalline Field (H-11) and zone into the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi.
  • Head forward and check the Gate of the Gods (H-8) for a final cutscene and your reward. Be sure to grab the Home Point.
  • NOTE: YOUR MISSION LOG WILL NOT UPDATE YET. It only updates after checking the East Particle Gate for another cutscene. (Located within the same zone)

Game Description

Mission Orders
The celestial capital of Al'Taieu truly exists. Though vastly altered during the ten thousand-year span of their seclusion, the ancients remain alive in the city. Nag'molada heads for the palace, while you and your companions follow in his wake...
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