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Scroll of Gain-VITRare
RDM Lv.81
Teaches the white magic Gain-VIT
Enhances Vitality.
VIT added:

$ \text{VIT}=\left\{\begin{array}{ll}5 & \text{if Enhancing Magic Skill} \leq 300\\ \frac{\text{Enhancing Magic Skill} - 300}{10} + 5 & \text{if Enhancing Magic Skill} > 300 \end{array}\right. $

Only one Boost-x or Gain-x effect can be active, overwrite depends on tier of effect.

Not eligible for the benefits of Accession.

Effects of Gain-VIT do not carry over when a character zones.

Gain-VIT does stack with the VIT bonus gained from the Cruor Prospector.

Other Uses

Resale Price: 3,687~3,779 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > White Magic ( )


73,740 gil

High-Tier Mission Battlefields

Spoils from most battlefields.

Gold Sturdy Pyxis

Dropped by

Name Zone
Vemosia (NM) Cirdas Caverns
Furious Arundmite (NM) Sih Gates
Cowll Hippogryph (NM) Woh Gates
Dreadpincer (NM) Dho Gates
Stinkskin (NM) Moh Gates

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