Start NPC Titus - Bastok Mines (L-7)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess, Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Ampoule of Gold Dust
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Trainee Sword


  • Speak with Titus at the 2nd floor of the Alchemy Guild in Bastok Mines, at (L-7). In a cutscene, you will be asked to procure twenty grains of gold dust from Grauberg.
  • Make your way to (F-13) at Grauberg (S) to find the Riverbed, a spot in the river that can be targeted.
  • Examine it and choose one of the given options to start scooping and how roughly to do it.
  • Once you have the 20 grains you will receive the key item: Key ItemAmpoule of Gold Dust
    • If you leave the area before you get the 20 grains, you'll have to start over.
    • See the Discussion page for successive methods though it does not matter if you fail to find any gold. You will merely need to try again.
  • Return to Titus for another cutscene and your reward.

Game Description

Titus (Alchemists' Guild, Bastok Mines)
An eccentric alchemical innovator has beseeched your aid in completing his revolutionary research. Procure twenty grains of gold dust from Grauberg and deliver them back to his laboratory for your reward.