Start NPC Guilboire (F-7) near Conflux #7 - Abyssea - Uleguerand
Items Needed Key ItemFrosted snoll reflector
Repeatable Yes (after zoning)
Reward Cruor 10-600 (100%)

10 Bloody Bolt (48.4%)
10 Acid Bolt (48.4%)
Snoll Gelato (4.8%)
With Possibly:
Bale Seal: Hands (???%)
Mavi Seal: Hands (???%)
Caller's Seal: Hands (???%)
Goetia Seal: Hands (???%)
No Seal: (???%)


  • Speak with Guilboire (F-7, Conflux #07) to start the quest.
  • Make yourself invisible to avoid Golem aggro and avoid True Sight Sisyphus NM, head to the Impact Point at (G-5), buff up, and click on it to spawn Frost Bomb Mk II.
  • Run towards the Frost Bomb Mk II and engage it away from the Impact Point.
  • Bring its HP above 50% and then pull it back to the Impact Point.
    • It's not immune to Break, and since all attacks are curing it, the effect lasts for the full duration.
  • It will perform Hypothermal Combustion on the Impact Point, but it deals NO damage to you.
  • Touch the Impact Point again to receive a Key ItemFrosted snoll reflector.
  • Return to Guilboire to complete the quest and receive your reward.
    • You must zone out before Guilboire will offer you the quest again.


  • If you are in a party, only 1 person needs to spawn the Frost Bomb Mk II in order to get credit. The person spawning the mob will only need to click the Impact Point one more time. The other people in the pt will have to click on the Impact Point twice in order to get the key item needed.
  • You don't have to bring its HP above 100% or close to 100%. It still does Hypothermal Combustion on the Impact Point killing it. You do, however, receive less cruor.
  • If you disengage before it uses Hypothermal Combustion on the Impact Point you fail and have to get a new key item from the NPC.
  • Weaknesses may be triggered as normal on Frost Bomb Mk II; while this has its normal effect in battle, it does not cause items to drop, nor is the quest reward change at all.
    • If you manage to Trigger a Blue !! on it while it is ready to perform Hyperthermal Combustion, it will not explode until after the amnesia effect has worn off.

Game Description


Following in the footsteps of his Crystal War veteran father, the enterprising Guilboire seeks to harness the power of snolls to strike back at the hordes. Travel to the test site and assist with data collection.